Relation Of Saturn With Jupiter, Venus and Rahu/Ketu In The Second House Of Lal Kitab

Saturn and Jupiter

When Saturn is with Jupiter in second house of Lal Kitab, it is not considered to be auspicious. Both the planets placed together in one house can affect the auspiciousness of other planets. Separation from family, loss of money, and other problems are caused due to the influence of these planets in the second house. A person has to incur some kind of losses because of this placement. If both of these are inauspicious, a person loses all his money. His health may also be affected.

Even when their state is a bit inauspicious, a person’s health may be severely affected. If this relation is clearly visible in Varshaphal, a person should be careful about his health. He has to donate things related to Jupiter. A person should also visit a Shani temple to worship Lord Saturn.

Saturn and Venus

A person with Saturn and Venus together in the second house of lal kitab is likely to have a lustful sense. This placement of planets is also considered to be an artificial face of Ketu. Such a person may be inclined too much to luxuries. He is always feeling restless. The effect of both the planets remain for a very long time.

Saturn and Venus together are supportive of each other. The native gets immense wealth from his paternal side. He is blessed with luxurious and happy life. However, if both the planets are aspected by malefic planets, the results are opposite and disturbing.

In this house, influence of benefic planets can lead to better and happy life. The status of the father is maintained and the native is able to attain success even after all the ups and downs of life. Venus is the owner and Saturn is the eye of the owner, that makes them a good team.

Saturn and Rahu

Saturn and Rahu in the second house of lal kitab results in giving inauspicious effects of two malefic planets. In this placement, both the planets give results as per their own natural characters. These planets can even cause a lot of problems and obstacles in life of the native.

Rahu and Saturn in this house can lead to separation from home. The native earns his livelihood in a foreign land. Financial instability always affects the life of the native.

This conjunction has a great influence on the behaviour of the native. Due to this influence, the native gets involved in illegal activities or bad deeds. He gets inclined to alcohol and drugs. Such a person is mainly known for his negative character. When Rahu and Saturn forms relationship in this house with other planets as well, the native’s negative character become more obvious in front of others. These planets play a major role in the life of the native and affect almost every aspect of his life.

Saturn and Ketu

Saturn and Ketu together placed in the second house of lal kitab makes the native immensely rich. They act as a great support to the native in terms of finances and career. However, family problems can be distressing for the native at the same time due to this combination. His hard work pays off really well. He becomes a wealthy, generous and justice man. Such a person is blessed with good decision making capability that helps him to achieve success and honor. At the same time, afflicted Saturn or Ketu can create financial losses and damage to the reputation.

Lal kitab Remedies for Inauspicious Saturn