Remedies for weak planets

Due to weak planets in the ‘Laal Kitaab’, it is difficult to find good results. To get good results, many measures have been given to strengthen the weak planet. If the person follows these measures, then he will get good results in ‘Laal Kitaab’.

Use of gemstones in ‘Laal Kitaab’

Gemstones are used in ‘Laal Kitaab’ to strengthen the planets. Astrologers advice you to wear a particular gemstone according to a pattern. Gems & semi-gemstones which are advised according to the weak planets can be worn on your fingers, on your neck or on your wrist. The touch of the gemstone produces positive energy in the person. This energy only affects the planets and the final outcomes.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the gem which we are using is pure, and also on the basis of birth chart. Keeping these things in mind, the use of gems is very beneficial and also strengthens the planet

Use Of Yantra

When the planet is weak in the ‘Laal Kitaab’, the use of the ‘Yantra’ related to the planet is also very useful. It can be made at auspicious time and ‘muhurat’. The ‘yantra’ can be made in ‘bhoj patra’, copper, silver, gold etc.It is your choice. Worshipping the ‘yantra’ made after keeping these points in mind is considered beneficial.

Pooja Path

To strengthen the planets regular ‘Pooja Path’ is advisable. Along with ‘Pooja Path’ doing charity is also of great importance. The planet which you want to strengthen, objects related to that planet should be donated. But, you should keep this thing in mind that the donation should be given to that person who is in need of it


Observing fast to strengthen the planet has also been given importance in ‘Laal Kitaab’.All the steps and remedies have been provided to observe the fast, according to the planet that you need to strengthen. Through this the planet receives energy.

Remedies related to ‘Mantra Jaap’

Mantra Jaap is also known as a remedy for making the impact of weak-less planet in the horoscope. If the mantra is done in a certain number of chants, its positive results are definitely obtained. This remedy is also very useful for the calmness and strength of the planet.

Havan & Yagna

Havan and yagna are considered to be very beneficial to make the planet strong. These events strengthen the planets. They should be followed with a discipline & regularly.

We use a lot of measures for ‘Laal Kitaab’, which is important in stregthening the planets. These measures should be done with the advice of any qualified astrologer for the use and suggestion, so that the beneficial results can be obtained.