Relation Of Mars With Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu In the Third House Of Lal Kitab

Mars and Venus

Mars and Venus in the third house of lal kitab makes the native hardworking and determined. These qualities help the native success in all field of his interest. With the influence of Mars, the native works hard to attain his social and career goals effectively. He attains respect and honor in the society. such a person is inclined towards performing good deed. He attains success as per the prevailing conditions and situations of his life.

Whether Mars gives auspicious or inauspicious results, the native is able to attain complete results of the planet. Auspicious Mars in this placement makes the native a successful and strengthful individual. Such a person attains success and support of his siblings throughout his life. The native also helps his siblings in various forms. He takes care of them and try to fulfill their needs and requirements.

Malefic Mars in this house gives inauspicious results to the native. He is always surrounded with some or the other problems throughout his life. He goes through various problems and obstacles in his life. Such a person has a tendency to have extramarital affairs. He will not be able to give 100% to his spouse and family. He might also get involved in bad habits.

Mars and Saturn

Mars and Saturn placed in the third house of lal kitab results in separation from the family. The native may have to live away from his family for a very long time. Benefic Mars in this position gives auspicious results. Such a person attains wealth and prosperity due to auspicious influence of Mars in this house. He is courageous and does not fear anything. He handles all situations with utmost courage.

Mars in this house gives courage and warriorship. Such a person is helpful and sympathetic towards others. He always work as a leader and have a huge group of people working under his influence. Such a person is able to attain an honorary position in the society. In order to attain maximum results, it is important for Rahu to be auspicious in this house. Benefic Rahu helps the native attain the auspiciousness of Mars and Saturn.

Mars can be trusted in the third house of the lal kitab. There can be various situations where Mars turn into an inauspicious planet for the native. Malefic Mars and Saturn can results in destruction in the life of the native. The native has to suffer from immense sufferings and problems throughout his life. His financial condition can be compromised, forcing him to live an underprivileged life.

Mars and Rahu

Mars and Rahu in the third house of lal kitab lie in the Gemini sign. In this sign, Rahu is able to give its maximum auspiciousness. Mars and Rahu situated together in one house is considered to be a favourable position for the native. When Rahu is exalted, the native is able to live a king-sized life. He attains respect and honor in the society like a King. Such a person gets lots of opportunities to attain his goals in life.

Gemini sign is considered to be a very auspicious sign. It gives highly auspicious results to the native. The native attains beneficial results with the influence of this sign. The auspiciousness of results multiply with when the planets are aspected by benefic planets.

Such a person lives a lavish life. He attains honor in the society and enjoys all the pleasures a king would have. However, if both the planets are afflicted in the third house, the native may have to suffer from financial losses. In this situation, the Rahu becomes malefic and behaves according to its true nature, i.e destruction. It results in obstacles and lack of opportunities.

Mars and Ketu

The positive effects of these planets in the Virgi sing can also be attained, when both the planets are placed in the exalted position with Saturn and venus in the third house of lal kitab. Mars in this placement becomes a saint. It is important to perform remedies to pacify the ill-effects of both planets.

Unlucky Mars and Lal kitab remedies