Significance of Lal Kitab for birth of a child

The fifth house in the Red Book gives out information on the lucky and unlucky results. Through this you can analyse what mixed results you might receive in your life. The Red Book is basically to show your success and failures through the fifth house, besides this, it also exhibits the good and bad omens. Moreover, the fifth house tells you about the good times of your children as things or incidents related to your children also affect you in some or the other way.

Jupiter is the Lord of the Fifth House

The Red Book says that Swami Jupiter (Brihaspathi) is the lord of the fifth house which helps in yielding results related to having kids. Since, Brihaspathi regulates the matters related to children, you must have Jupiter quite strong in the fifth house to attain happiness, success and respect from your children.

In case, Jupiter is weak in the fifth house, there are lesser chances that you might receive happiness from your children’s end. Due to some or the other reason, you may keep bearing problems because of your kids.

Relation of other planets in the fifth house

Sun in the fifth house

There are also some other planets which have their effects on matters related to your children. If your fifth house has Sun well-seated there, your child is believed to be quite fortunate. In other words, the child will be lucky enough and his arrival will instantaneously bring good and prosperous results to the family.

If the Sun is weak, the fifth house is probably not lucky for you. Here, if the Sun is not strong, chances are there that you might have to deal with problematic situations due to your children. Apart from this, women might also face problems in conception or any other unwanted pregnancy related issues.

Venus in the fifth house

Venus in the fifth house can increase the happiness and prosperity in your children’s lives. Having a strong Venus also indicates in easy conception of child and also giving birth to a very lucky baby.

On the contrary, it is not a good sign if venus alongwith saturn are in weaker positions in the fifth house. These definitely result in adverse results. These positions of venus and saturn might have negative impact on the matters related to children. A little relief and positivity can be experienced if Moon is present in the house.

In the Red Book, the third house, the fourth house and ninth house have bad influence on the fifth house. Also, if there is an evil planet sitting in your sixth or tenth planet, it would prove to be unlucky. Even if the planet turns out to be good friend of fifth house’s master Sun, still this positioning of planets would give out negative results. The reason being that the planets in the sixth and tenth house become enemies although coming from a similar nature.

Hence, these planets may affect your children’s life in an adverse manner and they might have suffer and go through a lot in different phases of their lives. On the other hand, the Red Book mentions that all these things would again depend upon the exact position of Sun and Jupiter(Guru).