Sun and Moon Sun conjunct Moon in the third house of lal kitab is considered to be a favourable placement. The native with this placement is blessed with immense courage and strength. He does all his work with utmost courage and attains;
Rahu and Sun The native with Rahu and Sun placed together in the second house of lal kitab is deprived of pleasure and support of family. Such a person is likely to go through a lot of mental stress throughout his life. Rahu in this;
Jupiter and Sun This combinations is considered to be favourable for the native. The effects of both the planets can be seen till 39 year. Both these planets signify wisdom and purity. This is the reason the native lives a very simple and;
The second house of the lal kitab is known as the house of religion. The karaka planet of this house is Jupiter. Thus is it also known as the place of guru. A planet located or transiting through this house is also known as the planet of;
The second house of lal kitab is also known as the house of religion. Planets in this house give results related to religion and spirituality. If the ruling planet of this house is situated in its own house, the native attains highly;
Saturn and Sun Saturn and Sun situated together in the second house of lal kitab affects the speech of a person. Such a person is likely to be aggressive in his speech. He sounds enthusiastic and energetic everytime he talks. However,;
Venus and Jupiter When Venus is situated in the second house with Jupiter, the native is able to get the benefits of only planet. On the other hand, the effect of the other planets started moving into the negative direction. In such;
Jupiter and Venus If Jupiter is with Venus in Lal Kitab’s second house, the native is unable to receive Jupiter’s auspicious results. For instance, if a person under the influence of this association wants to work with gold or in a;
House No. 9 of Lal Kitab is also called the house of fortune. It is called ‘The Story of Your Destiny’ in Lal Kitab. Both ruling planet and Karak of this house is Jupiter. In Lal Kitab, this house is considered to be a mentor. Ninth house;
Venus and Sun Position of Venus and Sun in the first house of Lal Kitab Kundali is not considered to Auspicious for a person. Combination of sun and Venus form a pretentious Jupiter which can have a negative impact on an individual and;
Jupiter and Sun Conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in the first house of Lal Kitab Kundali leads to a person living a king’s life. Person enjoys the riches of life and gets to live lavishly. He gets respect from people around him and the;
In Lal kitab the significance of signs and planets have been described very clearly. Each sign has a lord. Aries and Scorpio signs are ruled by Mars, Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra, Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo, Jupiter;
Seventh house of Lal Kitab represents married life. It is the karak of household. Predictions related to married life and family of the native is made by analyzing the seventh house. It also helps to determine the career choice and source;
The eighth house of a lal kitab is a house of death and diseases. Mars is the lord and karaka of the eighth house is the Mars and Saturn respectively. This is the reason why this house is known as the Sanjhi Ghatt. This house adopts the;
The sixth house of lal kitab is also known as the “hidden world”. It is also as the the world of hell, world of hidden treasure, and house of mysterious support. We should also analyze the position of the eighth and the second house while;
This is a house of inauspicious and auspicious results. This house gives mixed results and is analyzed to determine the inauspicious and auspicious results of a native’s life. It also determines the all the things related to children. The;
The fourth house in Lal Kitab is known as the house of mother. Moon is the lord and the karak planet of the fourth house. This house is considered to be one of the center of the horoscope. In lal kitab the kendra places or the center;
The third house in Lal kitab is known as the house of siblings and friends. Mercury and Mars are the lord and karaka of this house respectively. This house is majorly used to determine the death and lust. Rahu and Mercury becomes exalted;
In astrology, the second house in a Kundali is known as the house of wealth. However, in Lal Kitab, it is known as the house of religion. Since its Karak planet is Jupiter, it is also known as Guru Mandir (Jupiter’s Temple). A planet which;
The system of Laal Kitaab gives more importance to houses (bhava) than signs. This does not mean that signs do not have any relevance in the Laal Kitaab analysis, they are relevant in their own way. But, the houses in a horoscope has been;