Relation of Moon With Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter In The Third House of Lal Kitab

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon placed together in the third house of lal kitab is considered to be a favourable placement. The native with this placement is a saint. He lives a very happy and content life. Such a person doesn’t have much desires in life. He is blessed with immense courage and strength. He does all his work with utmost courage and attains favourable results. He is able to accomplish all his works successfully with his intelligence. Such a person may not be able to attain success due to his brothers. The difference in opinion can lead to losses in most cases.

Moon in this house causes separation from the family. He might find better opportunities as well, but his sense of emotions can become problem for others. His relatives prefer to stay away from his due to his behavioural nature. The native attains wealth and financial benefits with the influence of Sun and Moon. He lives a luxurious life. Such a person has a tendency to adopt self-absorbed nature. He can be selfish and self-centered in life. Such a person is only concerned about his own needs. He has utmost interest in vedas and scriptures.

Moon and Mars

Moon and mars placed together in the third house of the lal kitab makes the native wealthy. Such a person is blessed with good level of intelligence, which helps him to attain his goals in life. He is well mannered and conscious in life. Mars and Moon have different characteristics and thus provide individual results to the native. ,Moon is calm, while Mars is aggressive. This can affect the behavioural pattern of the native to a great extent.

Mars placed with Moon in one sign can make the native aggressive, but the temperament does not stay for long. Thus placement can even bring instability in the life of the native. He may lack concentration. The native can be loose in character or indulge in various kind of illegal acts. Obstacles in life can take place if any malefic forms relation with these planets.

On the upside, the native will be courageous and have good endurance. He may have his senses and mind under control. Person attains immense respect and honor in the society. He also enjoys the pleasure of good financial status.

Moon And Mercury

Moon and Mercury in the third house of the lal kitab is not considered a favourable position. The placement of these planets in the third house, affect the auspiciousness of other planets in the house. In this situation, Saturn, Venus and Rahu are not able to give good results. The native is likely to get problems from his paternal uncle and in-laws. With afflicted Venus in this house, the native may not even be able to have good rapport with female gender. He is likely to be surrounded by some or the other obstacles throughout his life due to malefic effects of afflicted planets.

Moon and Mercury in the third house, often makes the person confused and doubtful about his goals. He might feel restless and upset on many occasions. Sometimes he may not even be able to take right decisions or implement the same in the right manner. Such a person has a good sense of humor. He is always trying to put efforts and attain his goals. With the support of others he may even be able to accomplish his tasks successfully.

Moon and Jupiter

Moon and Jupiter placed in the third house of lal kitab are able to provide beneficial results to the native. Such a person is very conscious of his strength and weaknesses. He uses his strength in the right way, in order to accomplish his goals successfully. Such a person accomplishes his tasks actively and with utmost perfection. He is always working to improve his quality of life and attain success.

Person with this yoga is blessed with various kinds of qualities. He is courageous, victorious and helpful. This placement helps the native attain victory over his enemies. Such a person is able to attain success in life with his intelligence and qualities.

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