Effect Due to Mars and Shani conjunction in 2018

Astrology says that Mars and Shani conjunction is not a good sign. The conjunction between these two brings pain and struggle in everyone’s life. On 7th March this year, at 18.27 Mars will leave Scorpio and move into Sagittarius. Shani is already having entrance of Sagittarius. Mars and Shani conjunction affects a person’s horoscope, not only this it also affects the sudden changes happening to the society, nationally and internationally. Mars and Shani conjunction will stay till 2nd May. Hence, this will definitely bring improvement in the lives of people of all zodiac signs, country and the World.

Shani and Mars conjunction effect according to Astrology

All planets change their zodiac signs from time to time. Every planet has a different time to travel through each zodiac sign. Some change their signs quickly and some stay at the same place for longer periods of time. Among the nine planets, Shani is the only planet which stays in a zodiac sign for several days. Similarly, during retrogradation planets get related to each other at some point of time, the way Mars and Shani are making a conjunction right now. As per astrology Mars and Shani both are said to be evil planets wherein Mars is known to be arrogant, high-tempered and dark-natured.

On the other hand, Shanidev with his slow retrogradation has a strong influence on zodiac signs, with their superlative strength both of these planets highly affect the signs. These planets are leaders of energetic action, over-confidence and arrogance. Shani and Mars are actually enemies to each other. Shani being the indicator of death and Mars being the indicator of blood; amalgamation of these two planets obviously invite a lot of troubles into one’s life.

Effect of Shani-Mars yog according to Kundali

In a kundali, Shani and Mars’s position is of great significance. In a natal chart, if Shani and Mars are at together, then it isn’t an auspicious sign at all. During retrogradation also, there are certain conjunctions that may happen, which too are said to have quite bad effect on zodiac signs. These are rival planets and should not appear together in any of the signs. Shani and Mars conjunction create situations of mishap and accidents.

Sadashast Yog and aspects bring difficult times and uncanny incidents. In the coming days, Mars will retrograde with Shani into Sagittarius which may become the cause of troubles, disasters and accidents.

Mars-Shani conjunction effect on Country and the World

Mars retrogradation through various zodiac signs has its effect on everything. This may increase chances of natural calamities and conflicts between nations. Terrorism may also go on a hike. Mars’s movement through zodiac signs and conjunction with Shani can even bring sudden success and wittiness among individuals. Unwanted anger and mental stress may ascend. You may get shouldered with new.

responsibilities and businessmen would earn profits. Tasks which were stuck might get completed only if lot of efforts are put in. Selling or buying vehicles and machineries may get profits but this duration of time is as well prone to accidents and monetary losses. People dealing with land properties may get benefits at this time. You may have to get into unnecessary arguments and conflicts.

Having a look at the present status, we come to know that Mars is having conjunction with Shani. This position of planets may be the reason for disturbances in the nation and on-going activities. In personal lives, this conjunction will give out a mixed result regarding income, career, business, health and relationships.