The Ascendant house is given special importance among all the houses. The behavior and various other things about a person can easily be known through the analysis of the Ascendant house. This house gives the detailed information on the;
The fourth Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to Cancer sign. If you were born in this Navansh, you will be influenced by the characteristics of Sun and Moon. Due to the effects of this Navansh, your life will be affected by incidents and;
Effect of two planets together in a chart is helpful in showing a wide variety of effects. With regard to its impact on planet, other planets give mixed fruits. The position of any planet in conjunction collaborate among themselves to give;
Second Navash of Leo Ascendant belongs to Taurus sign. Due to the effects of this Navansh, you will have to pay some extra attention to your work and profession. You will spend most part of your life desiring success and working hard to;
Effects of Sun’s Aspect on Jupiter in Aries Sign Dharmishtha Manrit Bhirun Vikhyat Sutam Maha Bhagyam | Bhaum Grahe Ravi Drishto Hamti Romchitam Guru Kurute || When Sun aspects Jupiter present in Aries sign, you have a keen interest in;
Mars Aspecting Libra Mars in Libra increases the prospects for travelling. The native gets to travel a lot throughout his life. Mars is known as an aggressive planet, but in this sign it gives totally opposite results. Such a person often;
The third Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to Gemini sign. Mercury is the Lord of this Navansh. If you are born in third Navansh of Leo Ascendant, you are beautiful. You have broad shoulders and long arms. You have soft skin and your eyes;
Mars Aspecting Aries Sign Mars aspecting Aries is considered to be a favourable position for native. Mars is placed in its own sign, which results in increasing the auspiciousness of the planet. This placement gives strength to Mars and it;
The third navamsha of Cancer ascendant belongs to Virgo sign. Mercury is the lord of this navamsha. Person belong in this navamsha has fair complexion and positive aura. He has attractive eyes, soft skin texture, and delicate body. The;
Mercury Aspecting Cancer Mercury aspecting Cancer sign makes the native clever, as well as humorous. Such a person depicts a unique blend of character that may be difficult for others to judge. He can be a bit surprising with the words he;
In a Janma Kundali, Ascendant is followed by the second house. The second house in your Kundali is also called house of wealth, house of domestic bliss, house of voice, Panfar and Marak house. The second house tells us a lot about many;
Mercury Aspecting Libra When Mercury aspects the Libra sign, the native attains interested in creative things. He also attains knowledge on various creative fields and art. Natives interest and knowledge of arts depicts in his speech and;
The seventh navamsha of Cancer ascendant belongs to Gemini sign. In this navamsha, this seventh house of the horoscope has an great influence on the life of the native. This placement makes the native intelligent, understanding and;
In Varsha Phal, it is important to understand certain principles for analysis of Dasha. This helps in studying Dashas of planets properly and make accurate predictions. If the state of planets and houses during Dasha are auspicious, you;
The position of planets and their transits in a Kundali tell us about a lot of things related to your life. They affect the native in many different ways. In order to analyse ups and downs in a person’s life, you need to study the;
First navamsha of Cancer ascendant belongs to Cancer sign only. It is considered to be an auspicious placement for natives. In this placement the cancer ascendant is in its own sign and thus gives highly auspicious results. Native born in;
Cancer Ascendant’s fourth Navansh belongs to Libra sign. The fourth Navansh is the place associated with all the auspicious incidents related to a native’s life. All the things related to this Navansh are extremely important for you. In;
Moon Aspecting Libra Sign With Moon aspecting the Libra sign in the kundli, the native lives an imaginary life. He is always indulged in dreams and making strategies to accomplish them. Such a person dread solitude. He likes socializing;
The fifth navamsha of Cancer ascendant belongs to Scorpio sign. The native born in this navamsha is mysterious, enthusiastic, playful, moral and intelligent. A person belonging to this navamsha has a soft heart. He is kind and understand;
Many astrological scriptures talk about Vajramushti Yoga. These scriptures also talk about results received from this Yoga. One of the most important results from this Yoga is that the native’s health may be affected. In fact, he may face;