Saturn will change its path, what will be the aftermath?

Saturn has been transiting the Capricorn sign for a long period of time. Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn sign. Saturn's transit in Capricorn strengthens its elements and impact. But in between, it changed its course of transit and started transiting retrograde on 11th May, in this case, its positive impact too reverses and problems arise. Whenever the transit of any planet changes it results in stress and changes. The impact of the planet also increases at a faster rate leading to excesses and instability.

Now on 29th September 2020, there will again be a change in Saturn’s transit. Saturn’s transit from retrograde to direct will lead to some stability and improvements. Saturn's direct transit will have an impact on the natives of almost all the signs.

Why is Saturn’s direct transit very impactful

Saturn stays in one sign for a long period of time. Saturn definitely impacts the sign which it transits. It impacts the qualities and impact of the respective sign in which it is transiting. If Saturn is in a friendly sign, higher sign or own sign then it improves all the benefits received from Saturn. If on the other hand if it is in enemy sign, lower sign then it will give the opposite results and the chances of negative impact go up.

This year Saturn is transiting in Capricorn. Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn. That's why Saturn's transit in Capricorn is considered special in many ways.

Let us understand the impact of Margi (Direct) Saturn on you

Effect of Margi Saturn on Aries

The direct transit of Saturn will bring relief for the natives of Aries on the work front and will also bring down stress. There will be a decrease in pressures slightly. Jupiter’s aspect will ensure income. There is also a possibility of getting back money that may have got stuck.


Read the Rama Raksha Stotra

Effect of Margi Saturn on Taurus

For some time now, you have been facing turmoil and confusion in your relationships which was getting on to you. You will get some relief from the same. Destiny will start supporting you. You will also get opportunities to perform religious acts at this time. Students will also get a better opportunity to do research related work.


Feed animals.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Gemini

For you, a change in resources at work and sudden gains are foreseen. The issues related to any property in the family can now come to the fore. The arrival of a new person in the family will bring changes. Some alterations will have a financial and mental impact on you. You will get investment opportunities.


Light a lamp in the temple for 11 consecutive days.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Cancer

Mental stress may not be over for you yet, but you will be able to resolve issues by focussing on them. Altercations in married life will ease out and matters will get resolved leading to fresh beginnings.


Recite the Shivashtak Stotra regularly.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Leo

You may have to face changes in work due to stress and pressure. Ensure that you discuss all points with senior members in your office before making any critical decisions. It would be better to sweep matters under the carpet for some time.


Feed jaggery to the cow.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Virgo

Children will bring you relief. Those who do not have children are likely to be blessed with children. Long distance travels are foreseen, however, be careful this may lead to an increase in expenditure.


Recite Durga Kavach regularly for 40 days,

Effect of Margi Saturn on Libra

You will benefit from property related matters. However, lack of happiness at this time can cause problems. Relocation away from home is on the cards. There may not be enough opportunities to earn and this may lead to expenditure from built up capital. The possibility of diabetes and infection remains high.


Perform raw milk Abhishek on Shivling.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Scorpio

The situation may not be very favourable because of a lot of running around at work, however positive results are foreseen. You will receive several opportunities in the spiritual realm. The time will be right for those who would like to practise Mantra Siddhi. Students are likely to do well in higher education.


Chant Shri Vishnu’s name.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Sagittarius

The disputes in the family will reduce. You are likely to make hasty decisions during this period. Those who are associated with intelligence services will be presented with good opportunities at work.


Donate turmeric,

Effect of Margi Saturn on Capricorn

This time will be favourable for you to implement your plans. Opponents will try to dominate, but you will not be discouraged and will be able to subdue them. Keep a tab on your anger for luck to be on your side. A long wait may end.


Read the Dattatreya Stotra,

Effect of Margi Saturn on Aquarius sign

There is a strong possibility of improvement in health. It is important for you to keep an eye on your opponents. This period will have an effect on your head. There is a fear of injury. You will have several interactions with people in the workplace.


Light a mustard oil lamp for Shani Dev on Saturday.

Effect of Margi Saturn on Pisces

You will benefit on the work front. You will generate income based on your capabilities. You are likely to be felicitated. New projects will come your way. You will be concerned about your children. You will also be more aware of yourself mentally.


Read Narayan Kavach.