Kanya Sankranti 2022 : Date and Time for Puja Muhurat

Sun’s entry into Virgo is known as Kanya Sankranti. On the day of Kanya Sankranti, the Sun and the zodiac are worshiped. On this day the Sun enters the Virgo sign which is governed by Mercury. In astrology, the Sun represents the soul. The Sun is also considered a King. For this reason, the movement of the Sun has been given great importance in astrology. Sun God lives in a zodiac for about a month. When the Sun changes its transit, it is also known as Sankranti. There are 12 Sankrantis in the whole year as there are 12 zodiac signs. Sun’s transit in Virgo occurs in the month of September and is known as Kanya Sankranti.

Kanya Sankranti Period

This year, on 17 September 2022 at 07:22, the Sun will enter the Virgo sign and will transit in the same zodiac for the whole month. The transit of the Sun in Virgo will affect all the zodiac signs in one way or the other.


Sun will transit the sixth house for Aries natives. There will be higher opposition but you will be able to defeat your opponents. Your opposition may increase. There will also be an increase in controversies over various issues. You will be very courageous. You may also get hold of hidden enemies. Sun’s transit will present good opportunities for you. This period will be good for you to resolve the legal tangles. You may have problems with health, injuries etc. may occur. You will be harsh in your speech and this may lead others to get upset with you.


Sun’s transit will affect the fifth house of Taurus natives. People of Taurus will see an increase in their efficiency. This will improve your efficiency. All your dreams and desires of higher education will now be fulfilled. There will be a new start in your life but ensure that you do not create distance in your relationship through your behaviour. You may travel or may attend some function.


Sun’s transit in the fourth house of Gemini natives will reduce your pace a bit. It will be necessary for you to give time to the family, otherwise, there may be trouble and you may feel isolated. You may also be worried about your parents during this Sun transit. There will be problems in business with regard to new projects. There will be tension between you and senior authorities but the situation is likely to remain under your control. You should be vigilant about your health and not ignore symptoms.


The transit of the Sun will be more difficult for the Cancer natives. Your hard work will take you a long way. Luck will favour you and you will derive results equivalent to your hard work. This period will bring some positive changes. Those who had to quit education mid way will get opportunities to begin again. There will also be better opportunities for elementary education. During this transit, you will also do well in various competitive exams.


Sun’s transit in Leo is going to cause your temper to fly. This transit will prove to be auspicious for you. You will benefit financially. You will be more capable of leading others in this period. You may take up activities related to the construction or renovation of your house. The conversations with family members can also turn into debates. You may suffer from diseases related to the mouth. Blisters can occur in the mouth due to heat in the stomach. Diseases related to eyes can also give some problems at this time.


Sun’s transit in your sign Virgo will improve your capabilities. You will put in more effort in the activities you undertake. There will be stress in marital life. For some or the other reason, there may be estrangement in the relationship. You will influence your colleagues at your workplace through your oratory skills. You will also do well in competitive exams.


For Libra natives, this transit can increase meaningless running around. You can think of taking up an assignment that may require you to relocate. You will be spending more money on your children and family. You may get help from some outsiders. You need to be alert at work. Your negligence at work may lead to problems. Projects involving electronics will benefit you. It will be important for you to keep yourself calm and composed.


It may be a period of loss of profit for you This transit of the Sun will prove to be fruitful for those who are associated with technology in any form. Those working in MNCs will do well. Those in business will do well and will make profits.


The movement of the sun can lead to some issues in the family. There will be unrest in married life. You may also be worried about your parents. You will get support from elder brothers and sisters. Those in love relationships will be happy. You will benefit at work. You will bring new ideas to the table at work. You will be quite busy. You will need to pay attention to your expenses. Avoid spending money on unnecessary things in this period.


Do not take up projects that require monetary investments in this period. You will be mentally and physically tired. It will not be easy for you to understand things. You may know the reality but the same may not be accepted by others. In this case, it is best to keep quiet. Students will benefit. This period will be good to start new projects as profits are foreseen. You will be helped by someone. You will also make money if you travel abroad.


Sun’s transit can cause stress and discomfort for Aquarius natives. At work, you will be caught in certain situations unawares. You will be in a lot of trouble on account of old events. You may have to bear some losses. You may have differences with the elders of the family. You need to be alert and pay attention to the obstacles coming in your work or other areas of life. You may have to bear health related problems.


You will not want to interact with others in this period. You will maintain a distance from everyone at home owing to one or the other reason. You will not be able to convey your feelings to others. This period will be right to troubleshoot your obstacles. Spouses’ poor health may affect you negatively. Your worries will also increase leading to a deterioration of your health. Others may not be very happy with your work. If you work in partnership, even a small incident can create mistrust.