Transit of Venus in Cancer

On 1 September 2020, Venus will enter Cancer. Prior to this, Venus will be transiting in Gemini, but it will change its sign from the beginning of September. Venus will enter Cancer and will bring changes for Taurus and Libra zodiacs, but it will also have a special effect on natives of other zodiac signs.

Mercury will transit in the 3rd house of Taurus. This house represents your courage, valor, creativity, etc. Mercury’s transit in this house will prove to be beneficial for you. You will get new sources of income which will improve your economic situation. You will be able to repay loans that you may have taken in this period.

If you are engaged in any artistic work like singing, acting, or dancing then you can convert this work into your profession. Your artistic skills will also be appreciated. At this time, you will also have a good rapport with family members and family members will support you in every field. The creativity of the students of this zodiac will remain at its peak in this period and they will be able to impress their classmates with their creativity.

Venus is the factor of communication, so you will benefit from the internet, social media. Your content will be liked. Your social standing will also improve in this period. You will love meeting new people and discussing serious issues with them.

Venus entry into Cancer zodiac

Venus is going to transit from the Gemini sign and is going to enter the Cancer sign at 1:02 pm on September 1, 2020.

Transit of Venus affects 12 zodiac signs

Venus's influence on Aries

The entry of Venus into the Cancer sign will affect the fourth house for Aries. You will do well financially and there will be better cash flow for household expenses. You will pay more attention to the education of your children. There will be some new acquisitions at home and for yourself too. You will also get a chance to spend some good time with your family. You will be successful. Changes in the field of work and profits are foreseen but some of the changes will be unexpected too.

Venus's influence on Taurus

Venus transit into the Cancer sign will affect the third house of Taurus. You will receive very good opportunities that will help you express your artistic side. You can also get the benefit of your talent. The transit of Venus will lead to an increase in conflict within you. Luck will be by your side. Those who are associated with literature will succeed. This transit will ensure you will get your due for your hard work. You will benefit from your relationships with your siblings. You will also have better interaction with family members. Manglik functions in the family are also foreseen.

Venus's influence on Gemini

At this time, the transit of Venus is going to be in the second house for you. You may get a chance to showcase your talents. People will support you in every field. Students will do well in the field of research. You will take up property related matters. Your creativity will come to the forefront. You may take the support of your friends. You will come in touch with new people. You are likely to travel in this period. A new member may arrive in the family.

Venus’s influence on Cancer

Transit of Venus can be beneficial for you. The transit of Venus in your sign will let you decide the kind of work you would like to do. The presence of Venus in your zodiac sign will enhance your feelings. You will need to take care of your health. You are going to be more alert about your food and living habits. You are likely to be spendthrift so keep away from things that can land you in trouble. Try to invest your money. You will benefit from international collaborations. Those married will see a surge in romance. Those not engaged will find a new love interest.

Venus's influence on Leo

Venus transit in Cancer will lead to an increase in expenditure for Leo natives. You will be very busy at work during this period. Legal projects and external contacts will lead you to new sources. There is a possibility of profit but expenditures will also keep rising making it difficult to balance the situation. On a personal level, you will find yourself surrounded by negativity on all sides. There will be some disputes in the family and the participation of one person will only add fuel to fire. Your father will support you.

Venus's influence on Virgo

You may get a little stressed about siblings. They will also keep you busy. You are likely to be a participant in events where you will win either a prize or an award. You will get help from your friends, they will stand by you when things are not falling in place. You may have to travel due to work. On a personal level, you may be troubled by some problems. You may feel particularly dissatisfied with your life because of your family members. New opportunities will come by for those who are employed.

Venus's influence on Libra

The period of Venus transit can be important for your family. You will be busy with your work and will be working hard. Occasionally you may turn lazy. Do not let procrastination get the better of you else the situation will get out of control. Those married may have a tense conversation with their partner. You will be lucky in terms of love. You will spend quality time with your friends. Students will keep busy. There will be a lot of distractions at home which may hinder your studies.

Venus's influence on Scorpio

This time will be a time of dilemma for you. You will also need to be ready for change. If you are looking for work an opportunity may come your way. This period will bring in a lot of fluctuations. You will remain in a confused state with regards to your relationship. This period will be good if you want to acquire a new possession. Renovation or construction related work may be undertaken. Businessmen who desire to add a new line of products can do so. You may suffer from skin infections.

Venus’s influence on Sagittarius

In some cases, you are likely to have both unexpected gains and losses. It will not be easy to manage the attitude of people at home. Minor issues can lead to big problems. Your mother may have health problems. The health of your life partner can also become a matter of stress for you in this period. You may not be able to attend social gatherings. There can be a decline in your own health as well. There is also the possibility of going on a trip suddenly. For students, higher education can be hindered.

Venus's influence on Capricorn

You will have to be very vigilant in this period. People may be nice to you on your face but may crib behind you or backstab you. Avoid depending on others. Students will have to work harder. Stress and confusions can disturb students during this period. You should take care of your health. Do not take up topics that can spoil your relationship with others. Household activities can lead you to long trips. Your participation in religious and spiritual activities may increase. There may be some dispute with your life partner.

Venus's influence on Aquarius

Venus will be transiting the sixth house of Aquarius natives, hence they will have to take care of their health. You may be troubled by water borne diseases. At work, new opportunities will come your way. This period may not be good for those in love, fights will escalate. You may also experience some disturbance due to stress at home at this time. You will be successful but that will be possible only after a lot of hard work. You will receive projects from external contacts which will keep you busy. Those married will have a stable relationship. Try and keep your relationship away from stress.

Venus’s influence on Pisces

You will benefit as per your hard work. Senior officers and colleagues will support you at work. Those in the field of education will do well. Make sure to give your 100% at work. You may enter into a business partnership with another person. In the case of wealth, the situation is normal. There may be some property related disputes in the family. Some members of the family are going to be very stubborn and this can give you grief.