Second Time What effect will Direct Saturn have on your life?

Saturn is one of the slowest planets. It gives a person fruits according to his deeds, hence it is also called a judge and an executioner. Saturn affects a person mentally, physically, financially in every way. When Saturn enters a zodiac sign, it affects that zodiac sign for about two and a half years. During this period, Saturn's motion also changes. Sometimes it transits direct and sometimes retrograde and sometimes it transits at a very fast pace. The relationship of Saturn with other planets and the change in their movement also brings a lot of fluctuations in a person’s life.

Astrological thoughts on Saturn

As per astrological analogy, Saturn is owned by Capricorn and Aquarius. The effect of Saturn’s Sadesatti and Saturn’s Dhaiya is considered to be painful and variable. When Saturn transits in its own sign it becomes favourable. Saturn takes about 30 years to reach its own zodiac sign. Currently, it is transiting Capricorn, hence Sadesatti will take place in Sagittarius-Capricorn-Aquarius zodiac signs. The natives of these zodiac signs will be impacted by Saturn. Being in Capricorn now, its impact will be more profound.

When Saturn will change its direction its effect will also be seen on the natives of all zodiac signs. On September 29, the movement of Saturn will become direct. On May 11, Saturn was transiting retrograde as a result its effects had reversed and it created trouble. Whenever there is a change in direction of any planet, this situation leads to a lot of change and tension. The fruits of the planet also begin to grow, thus these excesses can also give rise to instability.

Saturn's Transit Law

The rules of Saturn’s transit are as follows: If Saturn is placed in the first house from the birth sign, mental appearance increases the stress and anxiety of the native. It can also lead to a relocation for the native and a decline in happiness. If it is in the second house, then it can lead to quarrels and speech defects. If in the third house it increases hard work. If it is in the fourth house, it may take the native away from home and bring in strong enemies.

Time When Saturn Transits Direct

Saturn will start transiting direct on September 29, 2020 at 10:30 p.m. This change in Saturn's gait can be very helpful in calming many upheavals. It will give some stability to the mental state. Saturn’s transit from retrograde to direct will be indicative of some improvement and stability. When Saturn transits direct, the impact of Saturn’s Dasha and Dhaiya will be less troublesome. It will reduce suffering. Saturn's transit will affect all the zodiac signs in one way or another.

Saturn's Impact On Uttarashadha Constellation

Saturn remains in one zodiac sign for a long time. Saturn definitely influences the qualities and the impact of the zodiac sign in which it is placed. Saturn will now be in its own sign and so it will transit in the Uttarashadha constellation. Saturn’s effect will be seen amongst those in the service sector. It will develop a relationship between senior officers and subordinates.

There may be more disputes in this period. At this time a situation of ideological confrontation will also come to the fore. If Saturn is placed in its friendly sign, higher sign or own sign then it brings out all the positive effects of Saturn. Conversely, if Saturn is in one of its enemy zodiac signs or lower zodiac signs, then all those qualities decrease and the chances of getting opposite results also increase.

This year Saturn is appearing in Capricorn. Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn. Therefore, Saturn's presence in Capricorn is considered special in many ways.

Impact Of Direct Saturn On Various Signs

The effect of direct transit of Saturn will be good for natives of certain zodiac signs. This period will be particularly beneficial for those who are afflicted by Saturn’s Sade Satti or Dhaiyya or Saturn’s Dasha. Besides them, Saturn will also prove to be very effective for all those for whom Saturn represents work area or health. This period will be very important for Sagittarius and Aquarius natives. Saturn will act as a judge for these natives.

During this period, the position of several planets will change. There will be a change in the union of planets as they will conjunct with Saturn. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are uniting, this will affect all individuals. While this union of planets will be good for some people, it will be uncontrollable for some others. Saturn will create problems for the natives of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius people as they will be under Saturn’s Loha Paya.