Effect of Retrograde Mars in Aries

The appearance of Mars in Aries affects a person in many ways. Mars is an energy-rich planet. When it is in it’s own zodiac, its energy develops more and more. Aries is the sign of Mars and Mars’ transit in this sign is also considered to be more powerful and favorable. Mars transits several zodiac signs throughout the year. Whenever Mars goes to any zodiac sign it will be impacted by the combination with that zodiac sign and the characteristics of the zodiac sign. In this case, Mars will give fruits as per the factors of Aries.

A planet can give both auspicious and inauspicious results based on the zodiac sign. In case of Mars in Aries, Mars will be strong. It will hence bring in positive results.

Time of Retrograde Transit of Mars

  • Mars will transit retrograde in Aries on September 10, 2020, Tuesday at 3:50 am.
  • Effect of Retrograde Mars Transit on all the zodiac signs


    Retrograde Mars transit will impact Aries natives emotionally. So it is important for you to keep your emotions under control. Don't work too hard. Take care of your savings as much as possible. Anger and will power both will improve. Disagreements in married life may increase. You will be putting in a lot of effort to acquire a house or a vehicle. However, you will have to try more and wait for some time. All you need to do at this time is control yourself. In romantic life, a little stress can increase.


    For Taurus natives, the retrograde Mars may increase their efforts. You will be able to avoid activities that involve a lot of hard work. Expenses will remain the same. Do take care of health as there is a fear of getting injured or falling from a height in this period. The retrograde transit of Mars can lead to delays in property, legal proceedings and transactions. Do not procrastinate work. Being lazy will not help. There will be some situations in which you will frustrate you. We advise you to keep yourself calm and avoid getting too excited as much as possible.


    For Gemini natives, retrograde Mars will speed up things that you have been thinking over for the past some time at a faster pace. There will be conflicts with children both over their studies and situation. Retrograde Mars will bring sudden progress in some areas of life. There will be a need to be alert at work at this time. This will help you establish a hold over things that will eventually take you forward. You will progress on account of your hard work. Your self confidence will also improve. Self confidence will help you attain success but ensure that you don't get overconfident. Overconfidence can sometimes lead to troubles or even cause you to the wrong steps.


    Cancer natives may feel restless about their work in this period. There may be situations where you may lose your job. You may also get excited about new job opportunities, however, you need to exercise restraint and patience. Don't make changes unless you have further security. Keep away from useless controversies or debates. Those close to you may distance themselves from you. A project may require repeated attempts. There will also be some benefits. This period is good to acquire or construct a new house. Students should not be negligent in their studies.


    The retrograde Mars will cause a delay in getting results. You need to keep doing your job without getting frustrated. Retrograde Mars will also help you complete some tasks easily, especially stuck projects. Sudden plans to travel will come up. Luck may not support you because of retrograde Mars. You may encounter obstacles. Money invested in a project may not yield the expected results. Competitors may do better than you. Your disputes may escalate. There may be a strain in relationships.


    The retrograde Mars transit will create a situation that will cause mental stress to Virgo natives. You will be negligent at work in this period. Retrograde Mars will affect your work and your finances. Do not consider quitting work during this period. You will benefit from property in this period. On the domestic front, you will not get along with others. Disputes or quarrels may also increase. You will be given new responsibilities which may increase your stress. Be careful and void overconfidence. Opponents may pressurise you.


    Retrograde Mars will increase the desires of Libra natives. You are not going to listen to anyone when it comes to love. You will be stubborn and will only follow your own wishes in this period. Your partner may however not agree with you. Marital life can be stressful for a number of reasons. Keep a check on your anger and your speech. Work will accelerate at a faster pace.


    The competition for you is about to increase. Don't get too excited about work. Take one step at a time. You will also need to take care of your health in this period. You may feel a slight decline in health. Expenses may increase for you. There will be more legal hassles that you will have to sort out. Try to avoid extravagance as much as possible. You should not be disappointed if you do not get favorable results despite your hard work. Keep up the good work sooner or later you will definitely benefit.


    Sagittarius natives should focus on the things that will determine your future. That is, keep in mind all the issues related to your education and your career. Do not be careless at all else you may have to face failure. The retrograde effect of Mars will lead to a lack of concentration and will draw your attention to useless things. Children will need your attention. There may be concerns about children. Those in love will test the strength of their relationship.


    Retrograde Mars can affect your happiness and peace. Circumstances will change so quickly in this period that you will not have time to handle it. It will also be difficult to handle domestic issues. You will have to work hard to keep your relationship going. You will have to keep yourself strong. Do not take steps in haste and anger. You will focus on the health of women in your life. There may be tension in the relationship with the mother or you will be more worried about her. There will be a lot of interaction with senior executives but it can also be a little sour. There may be changes or improvements in the workplace.


    Retrograde Mars is going to increase your hard work. Ensure that you do your best for a good outcome. Your hard work will help to give better results. You may benefit from retrograde Mars. Destiny will also support you. Keep in mind that the benefits may be less than you think. Opposition from people in the field of work can be irritating. Businessmen may face competition. A father or someone senior that will come up with good suggestions and will guide you. There may be some pain in the shoulder and body. Differences with siblings may rise.


    There will be a round of expenses for you. You along with your spouse need to be aware of your responsibilities in this period. You may not get along with your spouse and this can cause you stress. You may feel attracted to someone else. Be careful at work. You are also likely to travel quite a bit, this will increase your expenditure. Auspicious events will bring visitors and guests to your home. Make sure to think twice before speaking you can be harsh in your conversation in this period.