Career is an important part of an individual life. The success and failure of one’s life depends on the career he choses to earn his livelihood. Sometimes some fields of study may not be successful for some people due to different yogas;
The sixth navamsha of Cancer ascendant belong to Sagittarius sign. Jupiter is the lord and representative of this navamsha. This placement provide the native with heroic qualities. The native has a wheatish complexion, big and beautiful;
Sun Aspecting Capricorn The native is not able to get auspicious results in this placement. Capricorn is a Saturn's sign, due to which Sun is not able to give its full results. With Sun in the Capricorn sign, the native suffers from the;
The sixth navamsha of Gemini ascendant belongs to Aquarius sign. This navamsha is considered auspicious for the native. The native born in this navamsha is blessed with attractive personality. Such a person is able to influence others;
Jaimini astrology explains a few important principles to study love affairs in your life. With the help of Jaimini Kundali, it becomes easier to understand and gather more information about your love affairs. In order to understand your;
All the planets in the horoscope, other than Sun and Moon have been assigned the ownership of two signs each. Despite of sharing same ownership, both the signs have different characteristics and provide different results to the native. In;
The fifth navamsha of Gemini ascendant belong to the Aquarius sign. Saturn is the lord of this navamsha. Saturn puts great effect on the life of the native born in this navamsha. With the influence of fifth navamsha, the native is born;
Moon Aspecting Cancer Moon aspecting Cancer is considered to be an auspicious position. This placement contributes in the development and balance of mental, as well as physical characters of a native.This auspicious placement helps the;
In order to analyse Markesha in Kundali, we have to primarily study second, seventh, twelfth and eighth house. The eighth house in your Kundali is used to analyse longevity. According to Raghu Parashari, the third house in your Kundali is;
There are a lot of different opinions about predicting results given by retrograde planets. Different astrologers have different opinions on this subject. A lot of things on this subject have been mentioned in ancient astrological;
The duration of Moon’s Mahadasha is ten years. During Moon’s Mahadasha, the native receives results associated with this planet. In this article, we will not analyse Moon’s position and state. We will discuss results associated with Moon’s;
The third house in your Kundali represents your energy and courage in life. In other words, it is a symbol of your energy and courage. Besides these important subjects, the third house in your Kundali is also associated with your siblings;
The ninth Navansh of Cancer Ascendant belongs to Pisces sign. Jupiter is the Lord of Pisces sign. Due to the effects of Jupiter, a person receives auspicious results from this Navansh. The ninth Navansh of Cancer Ascendant will give you an;
The first Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to Aries sign. If you are born in this Navansh, you will be influenced by Mars throughout your life. This is because Mars is the ruling planet of Aries Navansh. Due to the effects of this Navansh,;
Before determining the success prospects and inclination of native in terms of career, it is important to understand the significance of planets in shaping up the career of an individual. It is important to understand which planet is;
Moon Aspecting Aries Sign Native with Aries aspected by Moon is blessed with attractive and beautiful looks. He possess fair complexion, glowing skin, and attractive features that keep on getting better throughout his life. The native is;
The second navamsha of Cancer ascendant belongs to the Leo sign. It’s ruling planet is Sun. Native born in this navamsha is full of courage and possess attractive features. He has a flair complexion, big and sparkling eyes, strong built;
In order to analyse success in a hotel business, you need to study second, fourth and eleventh house of the Kundali. These houses are considered to be very influential for the native. Moreover, the presence of Venus in this region is also;
The eighth Navansh of Cancer Ascendant belongs to Aquarius sign. Saturn is the Lord of Cancer sign. Cancer is also the Mooltrikona sign of Saturn. Hence, this Navansh effects Saturn’s auspiciousness. If the eighth Navansh of Cancer;