6 Nakshatras from amongst 27 Nakshatras are called Gandmool Nakshatras. These are Jyeshtha, Ashlehsa, Revati, Mool, Magha and Ashwini. As per Jyotish Shastra, the gap between the end of one Nakshatra and the beginning of another is called

Pradosh Vrat is a very auspicious and effective fast. This fast depicts a specific date and time. Pradosh is also known as Pradosham. This fast is observed on the Triyodashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha Hindu calendar month.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Worshipping Lord Ganesh is the most simple and straightforward solution to any problems one may have. For this very reason, Ganesh Chaturthi is valued a lot amongst

Ekadashi Tithi is known as a holy day. It is believed that if a person observes fast on this day then it simplifies the path of attainment of salvation. Traditionally fast and Puja are done to appease Lord Vishnu. Chanting, penance,

Panchak means five, the repetition of a task and decline in auspiciousness. It is believed that any task which is carried out on Panchak Tithi gets done five times. This is calculated on the basis of Nakshstara. The period between the

Once again with the start of the new year, festivals will be ushered in yet again. This year, we will get to know fasts and festivals closely. These fasts and festivals will also help in creating a bond between everyone. Each fast and

Youth nowadays has lots of aspirations and feelings related to love and relationships in life. When they reach a certain age, they want someone in their life with whom they feel attached and loved. So, it is difficult to determine what

Kalsarp yog is made from Rahu-Ketu in kundli. Rahu is considered as the face of Kalsarp yog. If any planet is situated with rahu in the same Rashi & Nakshtra, then it is considered to be situated in the Kalsarp yog. At the same time if

‘Yamghantak Yoga’ is one of the most unauspicious yoga in the hindu mythology.This is one of those yoga that act as a hurdle in good works of yours. In this yoga, the possibility of failure increases in the auspicious work done by the

A lot has been said about the significance of Dreshkona and its impact in astrology. It is imperative to understand the nature of the the planets, before analyzing their effects and impact on the life of a native. It helps to understand

A lot has been said about the significance of Dreshkona in astrology. It is imperative to understand the nature of the the planets, before analyzing their effects and impact on the life of a native. It helps to understand and determine the

Mars Aspecting Capricorn Mars in Capricorn attains high auspiciousness in this placement. This placement makes the native character traits similar to that of Mars. Mars gives auspicious results when placed with Capricorn. It gives wealth

Moon Aspecting Capricorn Moon aspecting Capricorn makes the native extremely emotional. Such a person may also have to face the emotional conflicts inside him due to overboard of emotions. He performs all his responsibilities in the most

Jupiter Aspecting Libra Sign Jupiter aspecting Libra in a horoscope makes the native brilliant and bright in terms of academic and education. Such a person possesses various kinds of talents. He is able to depict his talent and skills

Moon’s Mahadasha lasts for 10 years. During Moon’s Mahadasha, a person receives results related to the nature and characteristics of Moon. Although we are not discussion Moon’s state in your Kundali in this article, we can still deduce

Jupiter Aspecting Capricorn Jupiter is placed in its debilitated state in Capricorn. The native is not able to attain complete results of Jupiter in this placement. He may have to undergo a lot of obstacles in life. He stays upset in some

Shubh Darshan Bal Sahit Purusham Kuryadhnanivatam Khyatam Subhang Pradhanmakhilam Surupadeham Susaukhya Cha This means that the planets being aspected by the benefics give highly auspicious results. The native attains prosperity, and good

The sixth Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to the Virgo sign. If you were born in this Navansh, you will have to be thoughtful about your career in life. You need to understand your enemies and various ups and downs in your life. You may

Planet placed in its friendly house is strong and gives auspicious results. This situation gives immenses support and strength to the planet. This placement gives the native opportunities and success in his workplace. He gets support from

As per the rules of Vedic astrology, planets placed in their own house give auspicious results. The native attains immense wealth and lives a luxury life. He is respected and loved by everyone around him. Such a person doesn’t have to