Shubh Darshan Bal Sahit Purusham Kuryadhnanivatam Khyatam Subhang Pradhanmakhilam Surupadeham Susaukhya Cha This means that the planets being aspected by the benefics give highly auspicious results. The native attains prosperity, and good;
Planet placed in its friendly house is strong and gives auspicious results. This situation gives immenses support and strength to the planet. This placement gives the native opportunities and success in his workplace. He gets support from;
As per the rules of Vedic astrology, planets placed in their own house give auspicious results. The native attains immense wealth and lives a luxury life. He is respected and loved by everyone around him. Such a person doesn’t have to;
Mars Aspecting Cancer Mars aspecting Cancer is considered to be an auspicious placement for the native. In this placement, the Mars is situated in its friendly sign. As a result, the native is able to attain good results of Mars. He;
Sankata is Rahu’s Dasha. The duration of this dasha is eight years. Sankata Dasha provides wealth, fame and promotion to a person. Such a person may be detached from the family. Such a person is usually stubborn. Person in this dasha may;
The fifth navamsha of the Leo ascendant is vargottama. This navamsha belongs to the Leo sign only. This placement of Leo lies in the shape of a triangle. Person born in this navamsha is very intelligent and attains a respectable place in;
Astrology provides a lot of information about the importance of Dreshkan. This subject has been emphasized in many astrological scriptures and texts. In order to understand the effects of certain planets in Dreshkan, it is extremely;
Mercury Aspecting Aries Mercury in aries makes the native a true warrior. He has all the capabilities of a good war soldier. He is well-versed with his subjects. Such a person has a tendency to take generally quick and to the point;
Moon plays an influential role in the career and business. Moon is a water planet, and the person with ruling Moon should indulge in business related to water substances. Moon is clam and thus provide positive results to the native in;
Mercury Aspecting Capricorn Mercury aspecting the Capricorn sign is considered to be a good placement for the academic career of the native. Such a person is able to attain success in his field. He is well versed about his subjects and;
Mars is considered to a fiery planet. It is also considered to be the Karak planet for Earth. Professions like Army or Police can be associated with this planet. Due to the effects of this planet, you will be courageous and brave. These;
In astrological studies, Hora shastra has been divided into three categories. The hora is calculated by dividing any two signs into equal parts. 30 degrees are divided into two equal parts in order to form this kundali. The first 15;
It is imperative to understand all the necessary facts and principles of astrological factors before reaching to any conclusion. Shadvarga Rashi, Dreshkona, Navamsha, Dwadashamsha and Trishantha are categories of astrology that are also;