Retrograde Jupiter's effect on Signs in 2018

Jupiter will retrograde its transit through Libra sign this year on 9th March 2018. This retrogation of Jupiter indicates sudden changes and ups/downs in your lives. Retrogation of planets speedily change situations and task results in lives.

On 10th July 2018, Jupiter (Guru)) has a direct transit. This 123 days’ of transit of Jupiter will have an affect on all the 12 zodiac signs. At the same time a conjunction related transit of Shani and Mangal can also be observed. Due to this uncommon phenomenon, this time would be quite significant.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Aries sign

Mental and financial changes will be influential for Arians during this time. Sudden income through some source can be experienced but will get spent quickly because of certain unanticipated happening. You might also get into some difference of opinions with your relatives.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Taurus sign

Investments done in the past might give you some relief during this time. You may suffer through some pain due to certain sickness that you might have gone through in the past. You may also get hurt due to some kind of insult or rude behaviour from your children.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Gemini sign

You will remain worried about your children’s education at this time. You might have the feeling of insecurity due to a third person coming into your relationship.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Cancer sign

Your house may go under some kind of renovation or reconstruction. You might make some decision upon buying/selling property. New vehicle too seems to be on the cards. But among all these happenings around, you still may face a lot of conflicts and sadness which might keep you disturbed.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Leo sign

You might get into conflicts with your brothers and sisters in the family. During this time you may have to face sudden travel plans. This travel, hence, might prove to be quite tiresome and problematic as well. You will get opportunities to participate in sports activities wherein you are seen to be performing really well.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Virgo sign

Expenditures would be high during this time, also there will be tension related to paternal property. You might also think of applying for loan in some bank. Although you may not attain any positive results, there are chances that you can get some help from one of your friends.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Libra sign

You will be under a lot of mental stress. Even your littlest of tasks are going to take a lot of time. You might also feel low due to a bad state of health.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Scorpio sign

For Scorpions, Vakri Guru can be the reason for mental and financial disturbances. An outsider can create several problems in your lives. On the work front, you may achieve certain new work contracts from a new source.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Sagittarius sign

Sagittarians will experience financial benefits at this time. On the other hand, your household expenditures will be quite high. Your may have really bad temper due to which you might exhibit a rude behaviour as well. Do not hurry and try accomplishing tasks with utter patience because this sign will have a cursing influence of certain planets during this time.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Capricorn sign

You will be very busy due to work in this month. Since, there would be changes in your work repeatedly, you would tend to miss out on the new trends and upcomings in the market. This would in turn might affect your work.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Aquarius sign

Mental and physical stress might keep Aquarians hassled. You will be deeply engaged in religious activities and there are chances that you may also be involved in some religious travels and tours.

Retrograde Jupiter's affect on Pisces sign

Conflicting situations may arise, due to domestic problems you will not be able to take any decision properly. Support and cooperation from partner also seems to be less.