Auspicious Dates and Timings to Buy New Vehicle In 2018

We all desire for brand new vehicles, but we also worry that whatever we buy; will that function well, will that yield a long-term benefit and would it also prove to be lucky for us. Keeping these parameters in mind, our ancient religious instructors have ascertained some moments and timings which are said to be auspicious. If we decide to buy anything new during these periods, there are high chances that we attain positive results from the things purchased.

Keeping the above parameters in alignment, we hereby give you certain auspicious timings during which you may buy your new desired vehicle. Buying a new vehicle during the below mentioned timings, will give you good results. But along with this, there are some other vital considerations too which need to be taken into account doing which you will only see increment in positive outcomes. For example, the day on which you are planning to buy your new vehicle, you must srtrictly avoid Rahukal, choose muhurts like Chaughadiya, Marit, Char Ghadi. Also, the person buying the vehicle should not have his Chandrama numericals as 4, 8, 12.

Your vehicle can prove to be a lucky charm for you, can save you from several problems and struggles if you buy it at the right time and on an auspicious moment.

Auspicious Timings to buy vehicle in March 2018

Date Day Nakshatra Hindu Month Auspicious Time
3 March Saturday Uttara Falguni Chiatra Krishna Dwitiya Meen Lagn, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit Muhurt
4 March Sunday Hast Chaitra Krishna Tritiya Meen Lagn, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit Muhurt
8 March Thursday Anuradha Chaitra Chaitra Krishna Saptami Meen Lagn, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit Muhurt
12 March Monday Uttarashadha Chaitra Krishna Dashami Muhurt: After 9:34
22 March Thursday Rohini Chaitra Shukla Panchami Abhijit Samay, Kanya Lagn
23 March Friday Rohini Chaitra Shukla Shashthi Meen Lagn, Abhijit Samay