Auspicious Time To Start New Shops And Business For 2018

We keep charting out various plans regarding the tasks which are big in nature and probably matter a lot to us. We always want that any new undertaking of ours should yield good results and may we be triumphant in the said task. We expect that the new activity brings us respect, prosperity and luck all the way.

Keeping all the above things in mind, astrology suggests some specific time frames or duration which you should follow to get your desired results. Ensuing these guidelines can bring fortune and victory to your tasks.

If you are preparing to set up a new factory, shop or are about to begin any sort of business in March 2018, it would be quite fruitful for you if you follow these ‘Muhurt’ (Timings) to commence your new assignment:

Auspicious timings to start off new Factory-Shop-Business in March 2018

Date Day Nakshatra Hindu Month Auspicious Time
3 March Saturday Uttara Falguni Chaitra Krishna Dwitiya Meen Lagn, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit Samay, Mithun Lagn
4 March Sunday Hast Chaitra Krishna Tritiya Meen Lagn, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit, Mithun Lagn
8 March Thursday Anuradha Chaitra Krishna Saptami Meen Lagn, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit Muhurt, Mithun Lagn
12 March Monday Uttarashadha Chaitra Krishna Dashami Muhurt after 09:34, Vrishabh Lagn, Abhijit, Mithun Lagn (Bhadra Parihar)