What Is The Adhik Maas | Adhik Maas 2018 | Purushottam Maas | Mal Maas

Adhik Maas is also known as Purushottam Maas, Adhi Maas, Malimluch, Sansarp, Anhaspati Maas. To establish a similarity between Saur Varsh and Chandra Varsh, a Chandra Maas is added to the third year. This is known as Adhik Maas. This year, Adhik Maas would start from 16 May 2018 Jyeshtha Maas and would end on 13 June 2018. According to Indian astrology, every third year, an extra month gets added to the year, i.e. the month where Surya Sankaranti doesn’t happen, this is called Adhik Maas. As per various Vedas, this month is considered to be quite significant.

It is said that the fasts, prayers and donations done in this month, also have their own importance. Based on Surya’s twelve Sankrantis, our Moon’s twelve months have been set and at the interval of every three years, Adhik Maas or Mal Maas appears. It is believed that during this month, all sorts of Manglik procedures are prohibited but religious tasks or proceedings can prove to be fruitful. To eliminate the time difference, the concept of Adhik Maas and Shay Maas have been brought in.

What to do and What not to do during Adhik Maas

During this month one can go ahead with fasts, prayers, meditation or hawans. By doing this, you can set yourself free from your evil deeds, hence earning you saintly rewards and virtue. Bhagwat puran and other vedas say that all the religious activities carried out in the Purushottam month yields multiple-fols results. This month embraces special significance of holding Bhagwat and Shravan Katha sessions, also bathing at various pilgrimage places can bring luck and fortune.

According to Vedas, during this month Bhagwat Gita, Shri Krishna Katha recitations are done and Lord Vishnu is worshipped too. Reading and hearing to different Kathas bring well-being in terms of wealth and health. Also, you can achieve good results in various arenas of your lives. It is believed we must sleep on the ground and have meal once a day all this month. Deep Daan (Donating diyas/lamps) during this month can bring good luck. All kinds of Mangalik Karya (activities) are said to be auspicious and all sorts of Pitra Karya (activities/tasks) are a big ‘No’ this month.

Mythological Significanc of Adhik Maas

According to Hindu religion, each and every day, moment, planet and month is owned by a particular Master (Swami). But incidentally, Adhik Maas had no such master, hence he travels to Vishnulok and prays to Lord Vishnu, “O Lord, kindly bless with a leadership of a prominent Master/Leader.” Lord Vishnu responds to his prayer by taking Adhik Maas under his guidance, thus Adhik Maas is empowered by Lord Vishnu’s leadership. Lord Vishnu also blesses Adhik Maas by saying, “From Now onwards you will be known by one of my names Purushottam”. Since then Mal Maas is popularly called as Purushottam Lord Vishnu being its Master.