In palmistry the shape of palms and fingers hold great importance. Every person has a different shape of hands and fingers. Accordingly the inclination of fingers is also different. On the basis of the inclination of fingers, many things

Every finger has its own importance. Each finger represents one or the other areas of life. Today we will do the analysis of phalanges of kanishtha finger. Kanishtha finger is the smallest finger and in english it is called as little

In marine science there are many studies, out of which palmistry holds an important position. This study is helpful to those people who don’t know about their birth horoscope. Everything has an importance in palmistry, therefore today we

In palmistry every sign and line holds importance. Every part presents a different story. Every part of finger have their own importance and meaning. Normally a finger is divided into 3 parts. These parts are called ‘parv’ or ‘por’. Today

Today we will learn about the phalanges of index finger. Every phalange has its own importance and here we will be tell you about that only. First Phalange in Index finger Every finger has three phalange and the index finger is also

Fingers have been given utmost importance in palmistry. Every finger has its own characteristics. Here we will be studying about the characteristics of third finger that is ring finger and last finger that is the little finger.

Lines of your hands have their own importance. In palmistry along with hand lines, fingers are also of great importance. The structure of your hand help in telling about a person’s personality, in which the fingers determine a person’s

Palmistry has been given high importance in ‘Samudrik Shastra’. When people don’t know about their birth, then it is done by reading the lines on their palms. Along with the lines on your palm, fingers are also read to have the full

Thumbs are considered highly important in palmistry. It is called as the King of the Palm. If the thumb is not there, then we can not imagine doing anything without it. Today, we will tell you about the features of thumb, & how the thumb

Analysis of Ailments through Mounts Mounts in your palm are used to analyse many different subjects. One such subject is the analysis of ailments. If the lifeline in a person’s hand is inappropriate and mounts also show signs of certain

Auspicious (Sadgun Yoga) Palmistry allows us to understand a person’s characteristics and personality. However, a palmist should be skilled and talented. He should be able to study all the positive and negative aspects in detail. In this

If all the above mentioned Yogas are formed in a person’s palm, a person receives results accordingly. In other words, if the Number of such Yogas in your palm is more, chances of receiving such results will be stronger. If your palm shows

Lines on a person’s palm tell a lot about his life. They tell us about the fields in which the person would be successful or fail. However, a person reading your palm lines should be a scholar in the field. In this article, we will tell

Today, we will discuss about importance of cross and island symbol on your palm. Each and every symbol that you see on your palm has its own significance in your life. Let’s talk about the significance of cross and island symbol in detail.

Each line and symbol or sign in your palm is important in its own way. Wherever these signs are situated in your palm, you receive auspicious or inauspicious results accordingly. There are different types of signs which have been discussed

The thumb plays an important role in the study of palm not only in cheirognomy but also in cheiromancy. The predictions made in palmistry could not merely rest upon the facts represented by lines. But, a good palmist should also study all

Science of Palmistry In the modern times, every person uses one way or another to know something about his future. In the present times, it is quite easy to know about your future by using technologies like the Internet. But, a person

The length of fingers is an important part of cheirognomy. It can influence the qualities of other fingers. The length of a finger can be measured from a knuckle to the tip of the finger . It is found commonly that the index finger is

The study of has a lot of significance in palmistry . The physical appearence of the joints can determine the field of work in which the person will be active. It also determines the extent of qualities related to the fingers in a person.

A good palmist should not only read the lines on a palm but should also study the other features of a hand. The four traits which should be read in fingers are length of fingers , phalanges of fingers, alignment of fingers and the shape of