Analysis of phalanges in little finger

Every finger has its own importance. Each finger represents one or the other areas of life. Today we will do the analysis of phalanges of kanishtha finger. Kanishtha finger is the smallest finger and in english it is called as little finger. It has more importance as compared to other fingers. The finger tells the intellectual capability of a person. So, lets see the qualities of its phalanges.

First Phalange in Little Finger

Firstly, we will learn about the importance of first phalange. If this phalange is long, then the person can express his feeling with the help of any form of art. But if it is long and the finger is not in a high position, then the person is not a speaker.

For the person to be a speaker, this finger should be in a high position in the palm. If this finger is in a low position, then the person expresses his feelings by writing.

Second Phalange in Little Finger

Now we will study about the second phalange. If the second phalange is big, then the person can be an expert in medical field. The persons qualities emerge in medical field and makes an identity in this field. In addition to this the person also becomes in skilled in those studies which can be used in practical forms in life from whom other persons are benefitted.

Third Phalange in Little Finger

Let’s move towards the third phalange of little finger. If this phalange is long, then the person has a professional intellect and is practical in everything. The person calculates the profit and loss of everything and then only moves forward. The person has a sharp mind and is efficient and skilled in everything. The person achieves all the happiness in life with the help of his mind.

Top End of Little Finger

Let’s talk about the top of the little finger as it is also of great importance. If this part is round, then the person responds quickly to everything. If this part is sharp, then along with cleverness, there is also a little artistry in his work.

If the top part is square, then practicality increases in the person’s behaviour. The person examines every work on practicality. If this part is a little plum, then the person might be an expert in civil engineering related works.

Other important information about little finger

In the end we will study about some other qualities of this finger. Most of the time a normal little finger is slim as compared to other fingers. If this finger is fat in comparison to other fingers, then the person has more willingness to work.

If this finger is fat and along with this venus is present on the mountain and aggressive mars is also powerful, then the person doesn’t care about societal rules to complete his work. When this finger is crumbled, then the person can take the help of tricks and deception to complete his work. Little finger is normally present in a lower position in the palm.

If this finger is in low position, then the person is easily influenced by others. The person with low status, then he doesn’t know the art of conveying his things to others. If it is in high position, then the person might be a little arrogant.