Predictions for Saturn Finger

Science of Palmistry

In the modern times, every person uses one way or another to know something about his future. In the present times, it is quite easy to know about your future by using technologies like the Internet. But, a person feels helpless if he has no knowledge about the place, date or time of birth. Since ancient times, saints and sages have talked about various different ways to get some knowledge about the future. One such way is the science of palmistry.

In palmistry, predictions about the future are made based on the lines on one’s palms. Palmistry is one of the many Vidyas mentioned in Samudik shastra. Lines on the palms and signs or symbols on the palms are used to make predictions about the future.

Saturn’s place in the palm

The longest finger of the hand is known as Madhyama finger. The ending of this finger on the palm is known as Shani Parvat (Saturn’s mountain). Manibandh or the centre of the palm has a long line connected to the Shani Parvat. This line is known as Shani Rekha or Bhagya Rekha (Line of fortune).

If this Shani Rekha reaches Shani Parvat without being blocked or cut by any other line, the person gets auspicious results related to Saturn throughout his life. If any line, originating from the life line, connects with Shani Parvat, it is known to be Saturn’s secondary line.

Relation between Shani Rekha (Line of Fortune) and Parvat

If a line passes through Mangal Parvat and reaches Shani Parvat, a person may have to face some bad accident in the family. If there are two lines originating from Mangal Parvat, even the native himself can be involved in some accident. The secondary line of Saturn going toward Shani Parvat usually originates from Guru Parvat, Mangal Parvat, Shukra Parvat or the life line. If a straight line goes from Guru Parvat to Shani Parvat, a person receives fame in the last years of his life.

Predictions for Saturn Finger

A person achieves success in life if the Saturn finger is longer and straighter than the other fingers. If the middle finger is longer than the little finger and the ring finger, a person faces many obstacles throughout his life. If the exterior end of the Saturn finger is bent, the person spends his money on material desires rather than on religious works.

Such a person also has to face Saturn’s inauspicious effects. He may suffer from skin diseases and threatened by poisonous animals like snakes, scorpions etc.

Predictions for Saturn Finger and Sun Finger

A person benefits from art if the Saturn finger is bent toward the Sun finger. If the middle finger is bent toward the Sun finger, the person receives the inauspicious results of Saturn. He may be mentally ill till the time he is 12 years old. But still, such a person can ear money through art.

If the Sun finger is bent toward the Saturn finger, the person earns money but is not honest or loyal. He is ill-affected by Saturn and may suffer from eye problems.

Predictions for Saturn Finger and Jupiter Finger

If Saturn finger is bent toward Jupiter finger, a person may earn money through teaching. Even being a teacher, this person is filled with pride and arrogance.

If the middle finger is bent toward or attached with the little finger, the person receives auspicious results from Saturn. If the same finger is bent from the start, the auspicious results are turned into inauspicious ones. Hence, Saturn gives inauspicious results. This may start from the age of 12 years. The person may even be born as a handicapped.

If Jupiter finger is bent toward Saturn finger, the person cares and serves others. The person does not achieve success in his profession. He usually suffers from head aches.

Results for a bent Thumb toward Saturn Finger

If the Thumb is bent toward the Saturn finger, the person may be selfish and dishonest. The person may even suffer from sex problems. If the exterior ends of all the ten fingers are circular, the person may receive inauspicious results of Saturn. Saturn also gives inauspicious results when the fingers are curvy and not straight.

Results for Saturn based on the built of hands

If a person’s hands have a strong built, he receives inauspicious effects of Saturn. On the other hand, if his hands are small or thin, the person receives auspicious effects of Saturn after the age of 50 years. If Shani Parvat is not mounted and the hands are rough, the person receives ill-effects of Saturn.

If the Saturn finger is straight and without too many lines, the person receives auspicious effects of Saturn. If Shani Parvat is mounted, even then the person receives auspicious effects of Saturn throughout his life.

Shape of the fingers and your personality