Analysis of Phalanges in Ring Finger

In marine science there are many studies, out of which palmistry holds an important position. This study is helpful to those people who don’t know about their birth horoscope. Everything has an importance in palmistry, therefore today we will be studying about the phalanges in ring finger. Anamika finger is the third finger of the hand and it is also called as ring finger in english.

The length of the Ring Finger plays a very important role in determining the personality of the person. If the Ring Finger is longer than the Index Finger then the native will be very empathetic towards others. The native is also emotional. Many times because of being emotionally weak, the native will easily get influenced by others. However, if the ring finger is too long then in that case, the native may become selfish. The native can also be spendthrift.

First Phalange of Ring Finger

If a person has a big first phalange in ring finger, then the person is fond of beautiful things. Every beautiful thing attracts person towards it. If this phalange is round, then the person is a lover of fine arts and have a special interest in them.

If this part is plum and big then the person gets the benefit of beauty. The person earns his living by dealing in beautiful things.The native will also be able to showcase his/her creative side very well. If this phalange is small and square in shape then this type of person is idealistic. The native will have high principles and will always try to follow them.

Second Phalange in Ring Finger

Let’s discuss about the second phalange of ring finger. If the second phalange of ring finger is longer, than the this type of person becomes and expert in acting. This type of person is involved in business of fine arts and also gets benefits from this. The person deals in those types of fine arts which are not only used for exhibition but also provides mental peace and calm.

When the second phalange of the Ring Finger is big, the native will try his/her best to showcase their hidden creative skills to others. The native will never stop trying. The native will work hard to stand out from the crowd.

Third Phalange of Ring Finger

Now let’s discuss about the third phalange in ring finger. If the third phalange is big then this type of person is ceremonious. This type of person has more interest in decoration. If this part is fat then some carelessness can be seen in decoration by the person. If this phalange is slim like a waist then the person is creative in decoration.

The native will have a tendency to show off. On several occasions, the native will be excluded by others. Many times the native will get into drug addiction etc easily. The native may also end up making loses on account of flamboyance frequently. The native may also become a subject of ridicule amongst people.

Other Qualities of Ring Finger

In the end we will learn about some other qualities of ring finger. If the base of this finger is lower as compared to other fingers, then it is considered to be in a low state. If it is in low state then this type of person lacks empathy. If it is in higher position, then it is considered favourable for the person.