Analysis of Middle & Index Finger

Lines of your hands have their own importance. In palmistry along with hand lines, fingers are also of great importance. The structure of your hand help in telling about a person’s personality, in which the fingers determine a person’s attitude and behaviour. Today we will study about the importance of fingers in detail.

Analysis of Index finger

We will start the study with first finger, which is also called as index finger in english and ‘tarjani ungli’ in hindi. This finger tells about "I". I mean, the ego, how much is the sense of ego in a person? With this finger, the qualities of the hidden leadership are revealed in the person.

The biggest quality of index finger is that it always stand straight. When you fold all the other fingers then also it stands straight. When you point at someone also then this finger also stands straight.

The base of this finger depicts ‘Guru Parvat’ as it has ‘Guru Parvat’ in it. When the index finger is smaller than the middle finger and has the same length as of ring finger, then it is considered as a normal sized finger. But if it is slightly long then then the person has the will to gain honour & respect.

If it is longer than the normal size then the person also the has the will to gain power. If it is slightly smaller than the normal size, then the person doesn’t want to take any responsibility and also don’t have any ambitions in life. The person have the habit of following others rather than taking its own decisions.

If the index finger is the same as the ring finger in length, then the person is respected & successful in life. If it is longer than the ring finger, the person has the desire to become a dictator.

When the index finger is shorter than the ring finger, the person don’t want to take any responsibilities and is full insecurities. If the index finger is slightly dis shaped, then the person has the habit of coaxing others. If the finger is small along with being dis shaped, then the person has low self esteem and the intentions of the person are also not good.

Characteristics Of Middle Finger

The middle finger is also called as the finger of coordination or reconciliation. On one side of this finger is index finger which represents ego and on the other side is ring finger that represents presentation. In between is the middle finger.

This finger tries to control the desires and ambitions of index & ring finger. It controls the will of both the fingers. Middle finger is also known as ‘Shani Finger’ as it has shani in its base. It also represents ‘Shani Parvat’. A normal middle finger is longer than both index finger & ring finger. In this condition the person is considered intelligent.

If the middle finger is normal, the person is of gentle & stable behaviour. If it is longer than the normal length, the person doesn’t like to socialise. He tries to run away from its relatives also. This kind of person likes sitting alone & staying away from the crowd.

If it is smaller than the normal length, then the person is not serious. The person is of miserly nature and is also frivol. If the middle finger is dis-shaped than it is the symbol of misfortune. The person might face many obstacles in life.