Importance of Thumb in Palmistry- Part 1

Thumbs are considered highly important in palmistry. It is called as the King of the Palm. If the thumb is not there, then we can not imagine doing anything without it. Today, we will tell you about the features of thumb, & how the thumb tells about a person's mind & behavior.

Shape & Size of thumb

We start with thumb size and length. The thumb reaching half of the third knot of the first finger is considered normal size. The second-degree thumb is that which reaches less than the normal in the first finger and this thumb is called small. In the third category, there is a big thumb which grows taller than usual.

Normal thumb is considered to be a sign of developed brain. The person is balanced and keeps the understanding of good and bad. A small thumb signifies a less developed brain and the person is indulged in the basic trends. Here, by the basic trends, the meaning is that the person is entangled in things like hunger, thirst, work, anger etc.

A long thumb creates the desire for power in the person. This person is effective. If the index finger is long with a thumb and the master mountain also evolves then the possibility of getting the power becomes possible.

From which part of the hand thumb is emerging is also of importance. If the thumb is emerging from the wrist, then the person is intelligent and has human characteristics, that is, he is going to understand the happiness and sufferings of everyone.

If the thumb is emerging from ‘Akramak Mangal’, then such person uses physical force. He wants to fulfill his desires only with physical strength. If the area of ‘Akramak Mangal’ is also very evolving, then the person is of a quarrelsome nature.

If the thumb that is coming out of the ‘Akramak Mangal’ is reached at the top of the first finger, it is also kept in the category of small thumbs because its origin is from the top.

Ends & Mounts in Thumb

Now let's talk about the ends and mounts in thumbs. Thumbs are mainly of two knuckles. The nail part of the thumb is called the first part and the part from the palm is the second part. The first part of the thumb tells about the determination power of a person.

From the other side of the thumb, the person's thinking power is revealed & the direction of person's analysis. If the knot appears between the two parts, then this person is always alert.

If the knot between the two parts is soft then the person can be careless. There is a lack of caution in this person. If the first knuckle is larger than the other, then the person works in a hurriedness. A person doesn’t think before doing any work. When the person's determination power is considered to be more effective, then he does it.

If the second phase is longer than the first then the person thinks more and reduces the work. When both the parts of the thumb are equal, there is a between person's work and contemplation power. He does what he thinks. The determination of a person with a long thumb is not harmful to any person.

The person with small thumbs, have less sense of humanity. This person can think only for himself, he does not mean anything to others. If the second part of the small thumb is longer then that person is lazy. Such a person thinks less of the brain and does not have the ability to do any work.