Importance of Cross and Island Symbols on Your Palm

Today, we will discuss about importance of cross and island symbol on your palm. Each and every symbol that you see on your palm has its own significance in your life. Let’s talk about the significance of cross and island symbol in detail.

Impact of Cross Symbol on the Mount of Venus

A person with a cross sign on the mount of Venus is not considered good in terms of love life. The native is not able to tolerate the consequences that he has to fact in this love life and often has to suffer from mental problems.

Such people can also become insane that further leads to controversies in his life. If the cross symbol is placed directly on the mount of Venus then only the native has to suffer from such traumas in his life. Even a slightest shift in the position of the cross eliminates the ill-effects of the symbol. The effects of symbol gets null and void if the hands of the native is soft or has a complicated structure of lines.

Impact  of Cross Symbol on the Mount of Moon

Moon is the karaka of heart and mind. With the effect of Moon, the native becomes artistic and highly imaginative in life. If the cross symbol is located at the mount of Moon of the palm, then the native is always seen living in his imaginary world throughout the day and night. Such a person is always stressed and feels low on confidence due to unsatisfied desires. He fears water.

Impact  of Cross Symbol on the Mount of Mercury

If the cross symbol is on the mount of Mercury then the person becomes clever and selfish in life. Since Mercury is the karaka of intelligence, the native uses his brain in maling strategies to fulfill his wrong deeds. He feels more inclined to performing illegal activities and climb the ladder of success by manipulating people.

Impact  of Cross Symbol on the Mount of Mars

Mars is considered to be an inauspicious planet. It is an aggressive planet. Thus, when a native has this symbol on the mount of Mars of his palm he gets easily irritated and furious over small issues. Such a person will always been seen getting involved in violent activities.

Impact of Cross Symbol on the Mount of Sun

The cross symbol on the mount of Sun is not considered auspicious in any respect. Sun is the karaka of fame and respect. A cross symbol on it signifies that the native will have to go through a lot of struggle to achieve his goals. He gets success but with lots of obstacles. Loss of wealth and mental stress always keeps the native disturbed.

Impact  of Cross Symbol on the Mount of Saturn

Cross symbol on the mount of Saturn results in loss of wealth. Dental problems can arise over and over again due to the effect of this symbol. Those who are in business have to suffer from a lot of obstacles to get the work done.

Significance of Island Symbol

An island symbol is formed on the lines on your palm. It looks similar to an island formed in the middle of a river. Such a symbol can be present anywhere on your palm. It can be present on any line. It does not have much effect on the mounts related to planets. Although island symbols are not concerned to be auspicious in your palm, brain line is an exception.

  • If island symbols form on the brain line, then the person becomes a kind man. He is inclined towards religious practices. Thus, there’s nothing to worry if a person has one or two island symbols on his brain line.
  • If a lot of these symbols are present on your brain line, you may experience some weakness. You may suffer from mental stress or problems. You may also be irritated.
  • If an island symbol is present on your heart line, you may have a weak heart. You may have heart problems.
  • If an island symbol is present on your health line, you may suffer from health problems. This symbol affects your health in this position. In this situation, you should be careful about your health. You should consult a doctor regularly.
  • If you have long nails and this symbol is present on your lifeline, you may have to suffer from lung problems. In other words, your lungs may be weak.