The Joints of The Fingers in Palmistry

The study of has a lot of significance in palmistry. The physical appearence of the joints can determine the field of work in which the person will be active. It also determines the extent of qualities related to the fingers in a person. The walls between various sections of fingers are known as joints of the fingers and these are very significant in providing the indications related to the character as well as the temperament of the subject. Some general representations of the joints on the basis of their physical appearence are provided below.

  • The smooth joints in the hand of an individual symbolize a subject which does not think too much and jump to conclusions quite often. Such a person never analyzes a situation.
  • In the case of square hands and smooth joints, the subject thinks a little bit but will jump to a conclusion after giving the thing a little thought.
  • The smooth joints on pointed fingers represent individuals driven purely by their own instincts. They are careless about their appearence and their attire and are hardly bothered by small things.
  • Such a kind of person will be careless and absent-minded and will not be able to take care of the important documents and other little things in a business.
  • On the contrary, people with developed joints are laborious, astute, attentive and sensible.
  • People with smooth joints are often the ones who do toughest kind of manual labour while the ones with knotty or developed joints only do mental labour.
  • The knotty joints sometimes are inherited in families for generations while on other occasions it appears prominently in only one child in a family.
  • The presence of developed joints denote accuracy and efficiency of work in an individual.
  • Men with developed joints have an excellent taste of colour in their dresses which resemble the taste of females and they do not prefer women which have a bad taste of colours in their clothing.
  • People with well-developed joints in theatre are able to portray the character with perfection but lack intensity in them.
  • These people establish a landmark in artistic fields like literature because of their unique imagination and strong analysing power.

Shape of the fingers and your personality