The hand which has square palm and fingers is known as a square hand. This kind of hand is very common and is found in many walks of life. The nails in such type of hands are generally short and square. People with such hands are

The psychic hand is the most beautiful and most unfortunate hand among all the seven hands. This type of hand is very rare to find. But, the hands of many people resemble the psychic hand and therefore they are considered part of this

The conic hand has a medium-sized palm, tapering fingers and conical nails. The nails are pointed and the hand as a whole gives the appearence of a cone. Its shape is similar to the next type of hand known as psychic hand which is again a

This kind of hand is found in peop le of lowest mentality. It is coarse and clumsy with large, thick and heavy palm. The fingers and nails are short and clumsy. The palm is so short that it barely reaches the base of fingers. There is very

A hand should be studied in its entirety in palmistry . Therefore, palmistry is divided into two sections namely cheirognomy and cheiromancy. The first branch of palmistry deals with the shape of the hands and fingers and relates to the

The Triangle A triangle can be seen as a distinct and a clear sign on the palm and is not formed by the intersection of two lines. It is considered a favourable sign but it is more significant when it stands as an independent mark. It

The Grille The grille is very rarely found on a hand. It is usually found on the mounts in a palm . It is a point through which energies of a hand dissipate. The presence of these signs in the entirety of the hand depict that the energies

An Island The formation of Island, Circle and the Spot on a person’s hand will impact his/her life in several ways. These symbols will have a deep impact in some or the other way. They will show both the positive as well as negative

The square is one of the most interesting sign on a hand and are very few in number. It is often referred as the mark of preservation because it indicates protection of the subject at the particular point from where it starts. The squares

A cross sign is considered very significant in studying a palm. The characteristics of a cross are opposite to that of a star and it is seldom found as a favourable sign. It indicates trouble, disappointment, danger and sometimes crisis in

The star is a sign is of great significance in a palm wherever it makes its appearence on hand. It is a fortunate sign with one or two exceptions. The results related to a star vary according to the portion of the hand where it lies or the

The portion of the palm at the base of the thumb is called the mount of Venus. It reflects the presence or absence of grace, charm, sensuality and beauty. It also represents a desire for love and companionship and desire to worship beauty

The mount of Moon, also known as the mount of Luna is located at base of the palm opposite the thumb. This mount refers to everything which is associated with a strong imaginative power. It represents an emotional or artistic temperament

The mount of Mars has two positions in the palm. The first is present immediately under the upper portion of line of life and the other is present opposite to it in the space lying between the line of heart and the line of head . The first

The mount of Mercury is located at the base of little finger. It shows the extent of oratory skills, affluence and spontaneity in an individual. This mount seems to relate to the brain than anything else. It gives the spontaneity of brain,

The mount located at the base of ring finger is called the mount of Sun. This mount is also known as mount of Apollo among Greeks. It bestows fame, honour, position, enthusiasm, creativity and artistic inclination in a person. It indicates

The mount of Saturn is found at the base of middle finger. It represents the love of solitude, prudence, silent determination, inclination towards mystic arts, belief in fatalism and in the ultimate destiny of all the things. A

A person with the Mount of Jupiter in the palm will be a good orator. The person will be capable of explaining things to others. Jupiter’s auspicious presence in the palm will make the native popular among people around him/her. The person

Hast Rekha Shastra helps in understanding the events in a person's life very closely. Palmistry is very helpful in understanding all of the events that occur in a person’s life, be it health, work life or the successes and failures that

The lines found at the mount of Mercury above the line of marriage and at the base of the thumb are lines related to children. But, this line should be studied along with the other lines and features on a hand to predict the possibility of