Analysis of Ring finger and Little finger

Fingers have been given utmost importance in palmistry. Every finger has its own characteristics. Here we will be studying about the characteristics of third finger that is ring finger and last finger that is the little finger.

Characteristics of Ring finger

We will start with the analysis of ring finger. It is also called as third finger or ring finger in english. This finger tells about the external effects on a person. What does a person learns from the external environment can be studied through this finger. And also how does a person affects the external environment can be studied from this finger.

Through this finger, a person’s achievements, excitement level, the sense of eminence and show-off can be studied. On the top of this finger, Sun is present, so it tells about the qualities of mountain of Sun.

If this finger is longer than the index finger, then it increase the self-confidence in the person and is full of excitement and happiness. A person wishes to achieve fame and success when it is longer than the index finger. This type of person doesn’t give importance to money, rather respect is more important to him.

If this finger is smaller than the index finger, then the person lacks excitement and happiness. If it is longer than the middle finger or is of the same length, then the person has excess of self-confidence. Being overconfident in your works, may even lead to failures.

This type of person is also not afraid to undertake tough works and does them with full enthusiasm and interest. His field of interest are like share market, betting, or gambling as these are full of uncertainty.

If the ring finger is long and along with this the mercury mountain is powerful, than the person takes risk in business. If a person with long ring finger is working in some job, then the person might take illegal money. If along with the ring finger, the aggressive mars field is also powerful then the person earns fame from sports related competitions.

If the ring finger is smaller than the normal length, then this type of person stays away from risk. He tries to avoid those types of work which involve high risk.

Analysis of ring finger

In this part we will study about the little finger. Little finger is smaller than the other three fingers. This finger holds more importance than the other three fingers. Western palmistry experts call it as a thin thumb, as it tells a lot about a person’s character.

On the base of this finger, mercury mountain is present, that’s why it tells the qualities of mercury. If the first knot is slightly longer then the little finger, then it is considered normal. If this finger moves downwards from the first knot, then it is called as small and if it moves upwards then it called as long finger.

If this finger is of normal length than the person is a good speaker, because it represents mercury and the neurotransmitter of the person is developed. This type of person is good in making connections and has a very sharp mind.

If the little finger is longer than the normal length, than this type of person earns benefits from business, creativity or politics. This type of person knows how to make friends and also takes their benefits, but they are not interested in keeping them for a longer time. If someone has a small little finger then this type of person has a feeling of jealousy.