Palmistry explaining Religious Inclination and Mystical Powers

If all the above mentioned Yogas are formed in a person’s palm, a person receives results accordingly. In other words, if the Number of such Yogas in your palm is more, chances of receiving such results will be stronger. If your palm shows four or more signs of such Yogas, you will receive auspicious results. Sun line plays an important role when we talk about all these Yogas. Sun symbolizes fame and respect. Sun is also the Karak planet for aggression. Hence, Sun line is very important to analyze religious inclination and mystical powers. Let us know more about this subject.

  • The middle finger in a person’s hand should be long.
  • Saturn is the Karak planet for detachment. Saturn mount should be prominent.
  • A person’s fingers should be flexible.
  • If a triangle symbol is present on Saturn mount, the person is inclined towards religion. He also has an interest in mystical powers.
  • If a person has a prominent insight line in his hand, he will be religious and familiar with mystical powers. This line is present on Moon mount.
  • The result is same if Moon line is prominent. This line is also present on Moon mount.
  • If a symbol of cross is secretly present beneath Saturn mount or Jupiter mount. This symbol will be present between heart line and brain line.
  • A person is inclined towards religion if a symbol of drum is present in the above mentioned conditions.
  • A person is inclined towards religion if a symbol of triangle is present on Jupiter mount or beginning of heart line.
  • If a branch of heart line is beneath index finger, a person is interested in mystical powers and religious activities.
  • Results are same if Sun line originates from Moon mount.
  • If a think Saturn line is branching out from life line and going towards Saturn mount, a person is interested in religious activities and mystical powers.
  • If Jupiter Mudrika or Venus Valaya is present in a person’s palm.
  • If Moon mount is developed, but Venus mount is under developed.
  • If a symbol of cross is present on brain line and Mercury line or if Mercury line is cutting brain line and going towards Mercury mount.
  • If a symbol of fish is present on Sun mount, a person is well-versed with mystical powers and religious activities.
  • If a line from heart line is going towards ring finger, a person may be interested in religious activities and mystical powers.

On the basis of above mentioned principles, you should remember to distinguish between developed Saturn mount or long fingers. As mentioned above, Saturn is the karak planet for detachment. However, Ring finger and Sun mount allows a person to earn fame, wealth and respect. Although these things are similar, there is a lot of difference in these principles. A Yoga of Mercury mount and long little-finger can be very auspicious.

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