Phalanges in Middle Finger

In palmistry every sign and line holds importance. Every part presents a different story. Every part of finger have their own importance and meaning. Normally a finger is divided into 3 parts. These parts are called ‘parv’ or ‘por’. Today we will tell you about the phalanges of middle finger. Every phalange has its own characteristic.

First Phalange in Middle Finger

Middle finger is called as the Saturn’s finger, since Saturn’s mountain is situated at the base of this finger. If the first phalange of middle finger is big, then the person is considered philosophical and have an interest in philosophy.

If the first phalange of middle finger is big, then the native might be one who hurts himself and he might become negative if there are negative elements in the palm.

If the first phalange is small then the thinking ability of the person decreases and the person can not reach at the depth of a situation.

Second Phalange in Middle Finger

Now let’s move to the second phalange of middle finger. If the second phalange is bigger than the other two phalanges then the person thinks more about money and wealth. The scope of the person's thinking comes from every side and stops at money only and the person’s thinking is limited to accumulating money only.

If second phalange is bigger than the person might be a dealer of antique items. This type of person always have a longing to earn money. The person becomes a successful businessman if the second phalange is finger.

Third Phalange in Middle Finger

Lets learn about the third phalange in middle finger. If the third phalange is big then the person loves customs and respects them.

This type of person gives importance to his old traditions and loves them. But the person also spends wisely. The person spends like a miser even if he needs to spend on himself and due to this he might create some problems for himself. Due to this nature, the person might create problems for his loved ones and might lose his respect.

Other Qualities of Middle Finger

In the end we will tell you about other qualities of middle finger. If the upper part of the middle finger is in square shape then the native has knowledge related to law. And if this part is circular then the person might be an expert in finance, business and maths.

If the native has a little plummy middle finger then that person lacks seriousness. If the head of middle finger is sharp then this type of person has an interest in secret studies. This type of person has complete faith on superstitious powers. If the middles finger is smaller than the other fingers then this type of person always remains upset.