The Fingers on a Hand - Representations of Fingers on the Basis of Shape

A good palmist should not only read the lines on a palm but should also study the other features of a hand. The four traits which should be read in fingers are length of fingers, phalanges of fingers, alignment of fingers and the shape of fingers. An even alignment of fingers is rarely found and it represents extremely successful people.

Modern science have proved that tips of the fingers are the termini of the brain nerves. Therefore, the passive or active mind is in direct communication with the finger tips. The first finger is called the finger of Jupiter. The second finger is called the finger of Saturn. The third is called the finger of Sun or Apollo. The fourth is called the finger of Mercury.

Fingers are either long or short irrespective of the length of the palm to which they belong. The shape of the fingers tell a lot about the subject. Some general representations of fingers on the basis of shape are provided below.

  • Long fingers depict people involved in work which require everything to be done in detail like decoration of a room, treatment of servants, management of a nation or painting of a picture.
  • Long-fingered people are exact in manners and quick to notice small attention. They tend to worry themselves over small things.
  • People with short fingers are quick and impulsive. They cannot be troubled about little things for a long time and jump to conclusions quite often.
  • These people do not worry much about their appearances in the society, are quick in thought and hasty and outspoken in speech.
  • Subject with thick, clumsy and short fingers are more or less cruel.
  • The curved and stiff fingers which are naturally contracted denote the excess of caution and reserve in an individual. It often indicates a coward spirit.
  • When the fingers are soft and supple, they tell that the subject is charming in company and is curious and inquisitive.
  • Naturally distorted and twisted fingers on a bad hand indicate a crooked and evil nature. These kind of fingers are rarely found on a good hand but if found denote a quizzical and irritating person.
  • When a small ball of flesh is present inside the nail phalange, it represents that the subject is extremely sensitive.
  • When the fingers are thick and puffy at the base, the subject considers his own comfort before that of others.
  • When the fingers are in the shape of a waist, it represents that the subject is unselfish and is fond of eating.
  • A wide space between first and second fingers represents a great independence of thoughts.
  • When a wide space is present between the third and fourth finger, it represents independence of actions.

Shape of the fingers and your personality