Importance of Thumb in Palmistry- Part-2

Palmistry has been given high importance in ‘Samudrik Shastra’. When people don’t know about their birth, then it is done by reading the lines on their palms. Along with the lines on your palm, fingers are also read to have the full knowledge about the person. Out of all this, thumb is of great importance. You can tell everything about a person character, just by reading the lines on his thumb.

Analysis of Two Ends of Your Thumb

Firstly, we should know about the two ends of the thumb. If the front of your thumb appears fuller, then the person is full of excitement & self-confidence. That person has high morale. If the front part is fat, then the person is violent in nature. He is always in an angry mood.

If the front is plain, then this person is stubborn in nature. If that part is square, then the person possess leadership qualities and has the ability to become a good leader. If it is pointed, then the person lacks decision making power.

If the second part of the thumb is thin, then the person is an introvert. He cannot speak with other people easily. If the middle of the second part is this, then the person is creative in nature. He tries to do every work creatively.

If the second part of the thumb is fat, then the person is fearless. He is not afraid of anything, but he lacks neatness in his work.

Analysis of Space between Thumb & Index Finger

In this section we will learn about the significance of space between thumb & index finger. If the 4 fingers are spread together, then the thumb separates. After separation if their is 90 degree angle between fingers & thumb, then the person is of balanced nature. The person’s thoughts are in balance.

If the separation makes an angle of less than 90 degrees, then the person is conservative and loves his traditions. If the angle formed is more than 90 degrees,then the person is adamant in nature. He doesn’t listens to anyone and tries to become a leader in every situation.

Analysis of Bent Thumb

In the end we will learn about the bent thumb. When you spread your palm, your thumb bends outwards, then the person is non violent. He is calm and doesn’t get angry easily. If the thumb bends inwards, then the person is violent in nature. If the thumb stands straight, then the person has balanced nature. He is not easily distracted.