Analyzing Education through Lines in Your Palm

Lines on a person’s palm tell a lot about his life. They tell us about the fields in which the person would be successful or fail. However, a person reading your palm lines should be a scholar in the field. In this article, we will tell you about education and palmistry. Sometimes, a person may be intelligent and interested in studies. However, he may be unable to complete his education because of certain obstacles. At times, such a person may also resume his education after a break. In fact, sometimes a person is not well-educated, but still possesses immense knowledge.

  • In order to analyze education, the three important lines, lifeline, brain line and heart line are studied along with other lines. If these three lines are prominent in a person’s palm, he will not be much interested in studies. Such a person should not go for higher education. He should set up a business or get a suitable job.
  • f a symbol of Fish is present in a person’s palm, he is extremely intelligent. Such a person does not need any sort of education. He does not need to join any school or acquire to possess his knowledge and education.
  • A person should continue with his studies if his lifeline is beginning from brain line and there are also other lines prominent in the palm besides the three important lines (lifeline, brain line and heart line). Such a person’s hand will also be flexible. His success may be analyzed with the point of origin of Sun line.
  • If the Saturn line (fortune line) in a person’s hand is broad, and brain line is also broad, he will be unable to complete his education.
  • If a person has long fingers, he will be interested in studies. His success in studies will be analyzed by the position of Sun line.
  • If the index finger is straight, a person is a good observer. If there is a straight line on Sun mount, he may achieve success in research.
  • If a person’s fingers are flexible, he will be interested in mathematics, science and philosophy.
  • If a person has long fingers with soft joints, he will be interested in subjects like art and culture.
  • If a person has a double brain line, a circular lifeline and a straight line on Sun mount, he will be successful in the field of education.