Sixth Navansh of Leo Ascendant

The sixth Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to the Virgo sign. If you were born in this Navansh, you will have to be thoughtful about your career in life. You need to understand your enemies and various ups and downs in your life. You may be entangled in a circle of enemies, ailments and debts in your life. In this situation, your level of intelligence will play a very important role. Your level of intelligence will explain the severity of the problems you will come across in life.

You may be very thoughtful in life. In fact, you may be a very deep thinker. Due to the effects of this Navansh, you will be quite aggressive in life. You will be rich and wealthy. However, it will be very difficult to control your expenses. You are physically very strong. You have a heavy built. You progress at a rapid rate in the beginning of your life. In fact, you keep progressing at a steady rate. Your voice is very polite and you are realistic in life. You have the ability to influence other people around you. You are very skilled to adjust with everyone around you. You have a distinct quality which will get you some recognition in society. You will also have a keen interest in religious activities.

You may be mentally weak and emotional. You get scared without any substantial reasons. Due to this, you are unable to take any difficult decisions in your life. You always have the support of your friends and close ones. You are clever while buying or selling something. You are inclined towards some intellectual creations. You are quite skilled in managing financial matters. Your thoughts are always stable. Your facial features and eyes are very beautiful. You have a desire to wear good clothes and possess beautiful objects. You keep making efforts to uplift your financial status in life.

You may rush into every situation. Due to this, you may have to incur some losses from time to time. You may experience some problems in your married life. You keep yourself under control and make constant efforts to overcome problems in your life.

Effects of Sixth Navansh of Leo Ascendant

You will have average build and height. Your face will be red and clear. You are always optimistic and want to progress in life. You keep making constant efforts to reach your goals. Due to this, you may also be a bit rude and arrogant. You are very blunt and straightforward in life. At times, you try to avoid hard work and want to rest. Your voice depicts excitement and energy. You may also inherit some wealth and property. You have a sweet voice. You are also very emotional in life. You are always ready to help those in need. One of your major drawbacks is to easily trust people. Due to this, you may even experience many problems in your life.

You also receive some benefits from the high or rich class of society. You believe in luck and fortune. You are revengeful in life. Due to this, changes in your attitude and nature can significantly affect your life. You are always fortunate. You are able to achieve success in whatever you do.

You have an average married life. Your life partner has vast knowledge about Shastras and religious activities. You participate in a lot of religious activities and functions. You have a keen interest in mystical and supernatural powers. You are always generous towards your life partner. Your life partner helps and supports you in life. However, your life partner’s health may keep you worried. Your life partner may suffer from blood-related problems or general tiredness. Your life partner has a lot of desires in life. You keep making efforts to fulfill these desires.

You are always well-versed with your surroundings. You have a great presence of mind. You stay in the company of skilled and intellectual people. However, it is not necessary that they will provide some benefits. Your behavior may change quite often. You have the ability to attract almost every person towards yourself. Although you don’t socialize much, you enjoy the company of your friends. You are an excellent unbiased analyst.

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