Jupiter is considered to be one of the most auspicious planet in a horoscope. It is a planet that imparts wealth, wisdom, and fame. Strongly placed Jupiter in the horoscope gives immense auspicious results. Jupiter is also known as

Mars Aspecting Cancer Mars aspecting Cancer is considered to be an auspicious placement for the native. In this placement, the Mars is situated in its friendly sign. As a result, the native is able to attain good results of Mars. He

Sankata is Rahu’s Dasha. The duration of this dasha is eight years. Sankata Dasha provides wealth, fame and promotion to a person. Such a person may be detached from the family. Such a person is usually stubborn. Person in this dasha may

The fifth navamsha of the Leo ascendant is vargottama. This navamsha belongs to the Leo sign only. This placement of Leo lies in the shape of a triangle. Person born in this navamsha is very intelligent and attains a respectable place in

It easy to understand the financial status of the native and related matters through the study of vedic astrology. There are certain yogas and periods where the native gains wealth or loses wealth. The study of vedic astrology help us

As per the principles of vedic astrology, every planet in a kundli attains its strength and auspiciousness in its own sign, friendly sign, exalted signs and mooltrikon sign. The strengths of each planet has been divided into five

Jupiter Aspecting Cancer Native born with Jupiter with Cancer, works towards social welfare. His actions and participation in social welfare activities, help him to bring significant changes in the society. He is soft hearted and

Jupiter Aspecting Aries Jupiter aspecting Aries makes the native excited and enthusiastic. The native is able to express his thoughts in a clear and crisp manner. Such people are dynamic and vigorous in expressions. HIs mind is full of

Astrology provides a lot of information about the importance of Dreshkan. This subject has been emphasized in many astrological scriptures and texts. In order to understand the effects of certain planets in Dreshkan, it is extremely

Mercury Aspecting Aries Mercury in aries makes the native a true warrior. He has all the capabilities of a good war soldier. He is well-versed with his subjects. Such a person has a tendency to take generally quick and to the point

Moon plays an influential role in the career and business. Moon is a water planet, and the person with ruling Moon should indulge in business related to water substances. Moon is clam and thus provide positive results to the native in

Mercury Aspecting Capricorn Mercury aspecting the Capricorn sign is considered to be a good placement for the academic career of the native. Such a person is able to attain success in his field. He is well versed about his subjects and

Mars is considered to a fiery planet. It is also considered to be the Karak planet for Earth. Professions like Army or Police can be associated with this planet. Due to the effects of this planet, you will be courageous and brave. These

Libra Ascendant Native born in Libra ascendant is of a playful nature. Such a person always seems to live in a world of his imagination. He believes in justice. The native with Libra ascendant has a fair complexion, average built, and can

In astrological studies, Hora shastra has been divided into three categories. The hora is calculated by dividing any two signs into equal parts. 30 degrees are divided into two equal parts in order to form this kundali. The first 15

It is imperative to understand all the necessary facts and principles of astrological factors before reaching to any conclusion. Shadvarga Rashi, Dreshkona, Navamsha, Dwadashamsha and Trishantha are categories of astrology that are also

The Ascendant house is given special importance among all the houses. The behavior and various other things about a person can easily be known through the analysis of the Ascendant house. This house gives the detailed information on the

The fourth Navansh of Leo Ascendant belongs to Cancer sign. If you were born in this Navansh, you will be influenced by the characteristics of Sun and Moon. Due to the effects of this Navansh, your life will be affected by incidents and

Effect of two planets together in a chart is helpful in showing a wide variety of effects. With regard to its impact on planet, other planets give mixed fruits. The position of any planet in conjunction collaborate among themselves to give

Second Navash of Leo Ascendant belongs to Taurus sign. Due to the effects of this Navansh, you will have to pay some extra attention to your work and profession. You will spend most part of your life desiring success and working hard to