Yoga Results For Mars Aspecting Signs - Part 4

Mars Aspecting Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn attains high auspiciousness in this placement. This placement makes the native character traits similar to that of Mars. Mars gives auspicious results when placed with Capricorn. It gives wealth and success to the native.. The native is able to live a luxurious life. He is blessed with good amount of property and wealth in his name. Influence of Mars on Capricorn, depicts the determination and control of the native. Such a person is always seen enthusiastic about his affairs and endeavors in life. He takes all this decisions after due consideration of all the aspects involved. He utilizes his energy in the best possible manner.

With Mars in Capricorn, the native desires to attain the highest possible position, wherever he goes. He tries to make a good mark for him in the society and workplace. He is not afraid of working hard. He is determined about his goals and works extremely hard to attain his goals. He likes to live a limited and independent life. He is able to display his skills and talents in a good manner.

Such a person is not fond of socializing. This is the reason he doesn’t have much friends. He likes to spend most of his time in solitude. He knows how to control his temper and tries not to get aggressive in front of others. Such a person is reluctant to wastage. He is strong headed and knows how to attain his goals according to his desire. He is intelligent and well recognized. The native is able to attain victory over his enemies.

Mars Aspecting Aquarius

With Mars aspecting Aquarius, the native desires to live an independent life. He doesn’t like anyone’s interference in his freedom. It can be difficult to understand the logics and thoughts of the native. He often turns out to be a mystery for others. Such a person likes to surprise others around him. The native desires to live life according to his terms. He tries to undertake challenging tasks in life.

The native is flexible in thoughts. He accepts the world with progressive and open thinking. Such a person can be stubborn too. He can get aggressive when someone tries to bind him at one place. Since Aquarius is an air sign, the native is not able to incorporate stability in his thoughts. He lives in his own dreams. Such a person may not be very attractive in terms of personality. Financial instability can also become a cause of stress for them in the long run.

The person is not inclined to love affairs. He loves his freedom the most. Such a person can be a bit clever as well. He is entertaining as well. He likes to explore the thinking and feelings of others. He gives importance to his freedom. Such a person is not sentimental in life. His thoughts about relationships can be non-traditional and surprising.

Mars Aspecting Pisces

Mars aspecting Pisces can make the native generous and soft-hearted. The native is emotional and down to earth. Such a person keeps on updating himself as per the changing trends. He is entertaining and uses this skill to entertain himself. Such a person may have to suffer from the trouble of indirect aggression. He may not be aware of his requirements and needs in reality. He lives in his own dreams. Such a person is intelligent and works accordingly. However, he may not have much strength for physical endurance. He may have to face a lot of challenges in terms of physical and behavioral aspects.

Such a person is inclined to arts and creative fields. He posseses immense talent in his respective field. He has a good sense of colors, rhythm and tone. The native seems to a person with utmost patience, but he is always upset from within on some or the other reason. He is extremely emotional and enthusiastic about love. He is dedicated to his partner and expects the same from others too.

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