Yogas For Moon Aspecting Signs - Part 4

Moon Aspecting Capricorn

Moon aspecting Capricorn makes the native extremely emotional. Such a person may also have to face the emotional conflicts inside him due to overboard of emotions. He performs all his responsibilities in the most appropriate manner. Such a person gives importance to safety and security in life. He lives a well planned life and makes sure all of his needs are fulfilled not only in the present, but also in future. He is a simple person and does not desire wrongful deeds. He is his own critic.

His nature and placement can become challenging for him at times. He can be a person with standard behavior. He may even try hiding his flaws. He understands the consequences of his wrongful acts and tries to rectify them. This is the reason, he is able to fulfill all of his work in a most desirable manner.

Such a person is fond of music, arts and creative fields. He may also work as a preacher or observant. He is calm and patient in nature. However, such a person may seek physical pleasure up to a great extent. He may not be enthusiastic in life. He may feel shy displaying his emotions and feelings in front of others.

Such a person may not be able to tolerate any kind of sickness and illness. He is dedicated towards his responsibilities. He is optimistic and visionary. He may not be able to compromise his emotional feelings, which usually become the cause of his problems in the end. Capricorn has effects similar to that of Moon. Thus, Moon and Capricorn together makes the native emotionally deep. He is able to concentrate better. He may not like losing time on unnecessary things.

Moon Aspecting Aquarius

Moon aspecting Aquarius may not be much favorable. The native always has to be active and aware of his surroundings. Such a person may be egoistic, and proudy of himself. He likes to gain importance wherever he goes. Such a person likes to be alone in the crowd. He is idealistic and progressive. He suffers from feelings like jealousy, authority and fears.

The native can be a bit stubborn too. He believes in accomplishing his works in an independent way. He attains respect from his family. His endeavors and achievements are always praised by his people. He can be a bit conservative too.

The native can also be a bit aggressive in this placement. He may not be able to understand other’s desires and feelings. He may even lose connection with his inner self and deny facing the reality. He can be lazy. Such a person is generous and sharp. He is intelligent and playful.

Moon Aspecting Pisces

Moon aspecting Pisces, makes the native loyal and trustworthy. He is not disturbed with any kind of criticism. With Moon in Pisces, the native possess strong mental capabilities. He is helpful, kind and supportive in nature. He can also be cold-blooded and eloquence .

Such a person is often seen daydreaming. He has faith in his dreams and works hard to attain them. He is caring about others. The native attains good place in creative works. He has the capability to understand the things in–depth and act accordingly. The native can become a good writer, musician, and painter. He is easy going, generous and soft-hearted.

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