Yogas For Jupiter Aspecting signs - Part 4

Jupiter Aspecting Capricorn

Jupiter is placed in its debilitated state in Capricorn. The native is not able to attain complete results of Jupiter in this placement. He may have to undergo a lot of obstacles in life. He stays upset in some or the other ways. The native has to suffer from a lot of problems throughout his life. The problems only settle down after a lot of hard work and patience.

The native may not be willing to work hard in life. He may even feel stuck and forced when asked to do things out of his desire. Such a fears to face the unexpected ups and downs in life. Such a person can remain surrounded with conflicts. He may also have to face problems related to children. Wrong decisions made can also affects his life negatively.

Such a person is always working to impress others. He may even lack sympathy and empathy towards others. The native may not even be much courageous. He may not be able to take right decisions. He may even lead a life of a migrant. Such a person also lacks physical strength.

Jupiter Aspecting Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius makes the native talkative. Such a person likes to gossip about things with others. He also has leadership qualities and thus, he is able to lead a group of people with his influential communication skills. With the influence of Jupiter in this sign, the native may experience a lot of changes in his basic nature and character. Such a person may also seem a bit rude and harsh on others. This harshness can also give the native a sense of stability on life. Such a person can also be said to be wicked in nature as he may also be inclined to doing wrongful deeds.

Such a person may not be much enthusiastic about his work. He feels satisfied doing even low level tasks. This is the reason he doesn’t feel bad while doing illegal and wrongful deeds. Such a person wants to acquire everything that comes his way.

The effects of Aquarius is also affected by the presence of Saturn in the same house. Here, the native can be a person of justice. He starts understanding the essence of life. Such a person’s intellectual abilities help him to understand the facts of his life and work accordingly. On the other hand, he may even become stubborn and egoistic. He doesn’t give weightage to anyone else’s opinion in front of his.

Jupiter Aspecting Pisces

Jupiter in the Pisces is said to be placed in its own sign. The native attains immense power and strength from Jupiter in this placement. He attains good knowledge and high level of education. He can be playful and unstable too. Such a person is inclined towards studying vedic scriptures. He may also feel inclined to religious and spiritual practices due to the influence of Jupiter. Such a person possess all kind of good qualities. He is able to help others spiritually through his deeds and actions.

The native attains luxurious life. Jupiter placed in its own sign makes the native religious and spiritual. He attains all the good qualities of Jupiter. Such a person is patient, generous and moral. He attains the pleasure of good things and thus, might feel a bit proud. Such a person can be a bit lazy as well. He is blessed with a supportive family and attains the pleasure of children. He is well-learned. He is blessed with the luxury of vehicle and home.

The native is extremely fortunate. He is healthy and attractive looking. He is sympathetic and calm in nature. Such a person has a strong spiritual belief. He is a person with high self-confidence. He attains support from father and child.

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