Effects of Planets Placed In Their Friendly House

Planet placed in its friendly house is strong and gives auspicious results. This situation gives immenses support and strength to the planet. This placement gives the native opportunities and success in his workplace. He gets support from his friends. He is able to attain success through the help of his friends. Planets in their friendly house helps reducing the sufferings of the native. This placement makes the native courageous, self-determined and successful.

Sun placed in its friendly house

With Sun placed in its friendly house, the native gets success and opportunities in his workplace. The native becomes a hardworking and determined person. He uses his strengths in the most sophisticated way. He attains the pleasure and support of his friends. He shares a good bond with his siblings and achieves victory over his enemies. Such a person is fearless and works hard to make his life successful. He attains wealth.

Moon placed in its friendly house

Moon placed in its friendly house also gives highly auspicious results. The native attains respect and honor from the state. He is blessed with a luxury lifestyle and expensive clothes. He attains affection and immense support from females in his life. The native is generous, soft-spoken and supportive. He attains the love and support of his friends and family. He attains wealth through water related works. Such a person spends most of his tie is satisfying the desires of others. He can easily adapt to any situation.

Mars placed in its friendly house

Mars in the friendly house, makes the native courageous and strong. He attains success through his hard work and dedication. He attains the best position in the workplace. He is always ready to help people who are in need. He attains good position among his friends. He attains success with the help of his teachers.

Mercury placed in its friendly house

Person both with Mercury in its friendly house, gets immense opportunities to attain education. He is blessed with a good social circle. The native attains immense support from his friends and family members. He may even get to work in state government departments. He is influential and has the ability to manipulate the thoughts of others with his communication skills. He has the inclination to serve others.

Jupiter placed in its friendly house

With Jupiter placed in its friendly house, the native becomes a generous, capable and well-learned individual. He attains honor from the ministry of state. He becomes a good learner. Such a person is able to to take all the decisions of his life with utmost considerations. He is courteous in life. He is victorious and very well know how to create a successful path for himself.

Venus placed in its friendly house

Venus in the friendly house gives extremely auspicious results. He is attracted towards happiness and fame. He is kind of expensive living, designer clothes and luxury vehicles. He desires a glamorous lifestyle. He is open to display his talent to the world. He is inclined to creative fields and attains love for everyone.

Saturn placed in its friendly house

With Saturn placed in its friendly house, the native attains support and pleasure of friends. He is well educated and disciplines. He is dynamic and rather non-judgmental. He respects everyone.

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