Effect of Kalsarp yog in kundli

Kalsarp yog is made from Rahu-Ketu in kundli. Rahu is considered as the face of Kalsarp yog. If any planet is situated with rahu in the same Rashi & Nakshtra, then it is considered to be situated in the Kalsarp yog. At the same time if any planet is situated in the same Rashi as of Rahu, but its Nakshatra is different from rahu, then you should keep following things in mind to get the benefits of Kalsarp yog.

  • Firstly, you should should know where the Kalsarp yog is situated in the kundli.
  • Secondly, what is the significance of Kalsarp yog in the planet of position.
  • Lastly, you should know whether the planet in which Kalsarp yog is situated is affecting other planets or not.
  • After learning about these things only, we can talk further about the effects. If there are malefic planet in your birth chart along with Rahu, then in this situation the Kalsarpa yog has negative effects related to the house in which it is located.

    If the Kalsarp yog is situated in an auspicious planet, then the Kalsarp yog doesn’t have a negative effect and moreover it doesn’t have bad effects of the house in which it is located.

    Effect of Kalsarp yog on different planets

    Effect on Sun

    If the sun is located in the Kalsarp mukh, or in the first house, second house, third house, tenth house, & twelfth house, along with auspicious rashi, then it gives positive effects. In this situation, the person might get some administrative position from state. The person will gain reputation in the state and will be honored. He cannot stand evil. But if this conjunction is made with malefic rashi or any other malefic planet, then the person will face struggle in life. The person might also face distractions.

    But, if this conjunction is made in second house, fourth house or seventh house then their will be problems in family and married life. Person becomes arrogant & selfish. The person becomes rigid & also starts speaking lies.

    Effect on Moon

    If the moon is located in the Kalsarp mukh, then the person is considered to be full of power. The native of the person is also powerful. He will get full support from siblings. You will feel depressed because of failures in life. They face troubles in since childhood and are of violent nature. They have a constant fear of being hurt and are always dissatisfied.

    Effect On Mercury

    If the mercury is located in the Kalsarp mukh & is affected by auspicious planets, then the condition of eclipse is favourable for the person. He has the ability to make situations favourable for themselves. They have the capacity to learn new things quickly. Their behaviour towards other is polite and they can easily get their work done by others.

    If mercury is in the unfavourable position in the Kalsarp mukh, then the native is easily disillusioned. They lack concentration to learn new things. Intellectual power of the person is affected and he is not able to take right decisions. The ability to remember is low in the person. He might face problems in the business. The person might face problems related to hysteria also.

    Effect On Jupiter

    If jupiter is located in the Kalsarp mukh then this situation is considered favourable. The native gets respect from others and is also intelligent. If rahu & jupiter comes together then it is the situation of guru chandal yog. That is why this yog is not considered favourable for the person. But if it is located in a favourable position, then it is considered favourable and gives person success.

    In unfavourable situation, the person becomes anti-religious. He becomes attracted to illegal works. The person works against the set norms, and the knowledge of the person is also affected. So, you should take the advice of your elders & should remain away from doing sinful jobs. This will give positivity in your life.

    Effect On Venus

    If venus is located in the mukh, then this situation is favourable and will give physical pleasures to you. The person gets love and support from life partner. Marriage is seen for those who are of marriageable age and it will bring happiness & prosperity in their life.

    But, if it is located in the unfavourable position, then the happiness of the person is affected. The mental health of the person is affected and also there is decrease in the physical pleasures. The person might face financial difficulties & their may be problems in solemnising marriage. The native might also be misguided.

    Effect On Saturn

    If the saturn is located in the Kalsarp mukh, then the native is practical. He is mature & has good knowledge of stealthy topics. The person is farsighted and has the ability to run an institution. The economic condition of the person is also good.

    The situation is opposite in the unfavourable position. There are difficulties at the workplace and he might have to face enemies. The person is short tempered and is always in the debt position. The person has less knowledge about religion also.