Effects of Auspicious Aspects of Planets

Shubh Darshan Bal Sahit Purusham

Kuryadhnanivatam Khyatam

Subhang Pradhanmakhilam Surupadeham

Susaukhya Cha

This means that the planets being aspected by the benefics give highly auspicious results. The native attains prosperity, and good physical and mental qualities. He lives a fortunate life.


With Sun being aspected by benefics, the native is blessed with good health and strong physique. He attains success in the works he undertakes. He also gets immenses support and benefits from the government of the state. The native respects and adores his teachers and elders. He spends most of his time in the service of brahmins. He makes his life successful through his hard work.


Moon aspected by auspicious planets, gives the native inspiration to follow the right path. He is self-determined and hard working individual. He attains success in his endeavours with his courage and determination. He attains wealth and prosperity in life. Such a person is blessed with the pleasure of luxury cars and clothes. He is prevented from being delusional and adopts the path that is right for him.


With Mars being aspected by auspicious planets, the native attains an attractive and influencing personality. He is able to achieve his goals and also help others. He gets immense support and love from his spouse. Such a person has a good potential to fight with all odds of life. He is wealthy and respected in the society. Such a person attains high position and authorities.


Mercury aspected by auspicious planets makes the native highly intellectual. He posses a great sense of understanding. He is able to influence others with his effective communication skills. He is soft-spoken. He is courageous and achieves immense respect in the society. He is person with good intentions and work hard to attain his goals.


Jupiter itself is a very auspicious and pure planet. When it is aspected by benefics, the planet makes the life of the native highly auspicious and fortunate. The native attains all kinds of pleasures in his life. He becomes a saint life person and always speaks auspicious words. He attains the benefits of his work. He gets lots of opportunities for religious travels. He visit various pilgrimage sites. He is sympathetic and helpful towards others too.


Venus aspected by benefics give prosperity and happiness to the native. The natives like a prosperous life. He is fond of expensive clothes and jewelry. THe native is generous and successful. He i able to attain respect with good deeds. He is courageous and helpful. He is blessed with good health and attractive looks.


The native attains benefits from farming and related professions when Saturn is aspected by benefics. He attains fame and prosperity in life. Auspicious Saturn reduces the harshness and rude aspect of the native’s behaviour. He attains respect and honor from the society. He also gets the opportunity to travel abroad for business or work purposes. The native is able to control his temperament.

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