Analysis Of Sun In Moon’s Drekkana

A lot has been said about the significance of Dreshkona in astrology. It is imperative to understand the nature of the the planets, before analyzing their effects and impact on the life of a native. It helps to understand and determine the events taking place in the life of the native.

Rules For Sun Entering Moon’s Dreshkona

Sun in Moon’s Dreshkona depicts a friendly placement. Both the planets share a friendly relation with each other. Relations formed between these two friendly planets makes the life of the native good. This placement helps determining the character and incidents in the life of the native. It also helps in providing strength to other planets in the horoscope. As a result, the auspiciousness of the planets increases, bringing in more opportunities in the life of the native. Planets are able to impart auspicious results to the native in this placement.

There are 3 reasons for Sun to enter into the Dreshkona of Moon. The first reason is that sun expands in 0-10 degree in the Cancer sign. In the other rule, the Sun enters into the Pisces sign and expands from 10 to 20 degree. In the third instance, the Sun enters into Scorpio sign and expands from 20 to 30 degree. All these situations when formed in the horoscope, makes the Sun and Moon strong, while increasing their auspiciousness.

Effect Of Sun In Moon’s Dreskona

According to the astrology, any plant making relations with its friendly planets is considered to be an auspicious move. Sun in the Moon’s dreshkona gives friendly results to the native. This relations gives the results of both Moon and Sun to the native. With planets forming relation with each other, the individual negative impact of the both the planets are also reduced. Since both the planets are generous, they provide results accordingly.

Sun In Cancer Sign 0-10 Degree

In this placement, the Sun forms relation with the Moon’s dreshkona. The native attains the benefits of both the planets, due to their friendly relation. Both the planets play an important role in changes taking place in the native’s life. In this placement, the native is able to get good control on his temperament. The native may also get mixed results in workplace. He is blessed with qualities related to a saint.

The native possesses a calm and composed nature. He also attains strength due to the influence of Sun in the dreshkona of Moon. The native is a humble and calm like Moon, and strong and resented like the Sun. Different shades in his character can be seen, usually depicting a mix of both the planets.

The native may seem to be impatient in his work. He may not even feel satisfied with his work, as such a person doesn't have the will to stick by on one project for a long time. He is always thriving to bring changes in his life.

Sun In Pisces Sign 10-20 Degree

Sun enters Moon’s Dreshkona in this placement as well. In this placement, the Sun enters its friendly sign expanding from 10-20 degree. Here the Sun attains the Dreshkona of Moon, while being in the Jupiter’s sign. Such a person is respects his elders and culture. He has all the good qualities that help him attain success and satisfaction in life. He is inclined towards his heritage.

The native is spiritually active. He achieves auspicious results from his teacher and preachers. He gives respect to his elders and friends. Such a person lives life with utmost integrity. He achieves success through his hard work. Such a person makes a good name at work place with his determination. He is courageous and confident.

He performs all his work with utmost concentration and focus. He is able to conquer his fears and attain victory over his enemies. He attains respect and fame in the society. Such a person is a deep thinker and emotional. He may take time in making decisions in life.

Sun In Scorpio Sign 20-30 Degree

This placement is different from the above mentioned two placements. Since Sun is in the Mar’s sign, and attains the Cancer place, the native is blessed with good strength, and efficient thinking process. He is able to communicate his thoughts in a very concise and clear manner.

The native can be highly aggressive. He comes out as a warrior in all of his endeavours. He is hardworking and determined towards hi goals. He doesn't let anyone interfere his life. Such a person does not even accept his defeat. He tries to attain victory in all circumstances.

The native may seem to work in hustle bustle. He may also take some wrong decisions due to his impatient nature. This is the reason he is advised to analyze and understand the work carefully, before indulging into it. This will help him take the right decisions.

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