Analysis of Sun In Mars’s Drekkana

A lot has been said about the significance of Dreshkona and its impact in astrology. It is imperative to understand the nature of the the planets, before analyzing their effects and impact on the life of a native. It helps to understand and determine the events taking place in the life of the native.

Rules For Sun Entering Mars’s Dreshkona

Sun in Mar’s Dreshkona depicts a friendly placement. Both the planets share a friendly relation with each other. Relations formed between these two friendly planets makes the life of the native good. This placement helps determining the character and incidents in the life of the native. It also helps in providing strength to other planets in the horoscope. As a result, the auspiciousness of the planets increases, bringing in more opportunities in the life of the native. Planets are able to impart auspicious results to the native in this placement.

The rules for Sun entering into Mar’s Dreshkona are as follows:

First: Sun in Aries expanding from 0 6to 10 degree.
Second: Sun inn Sagittarius expanding from 10 to 20 degree
Third: Sun in Leo expanding from 20 to 30 degree
Fourth: Sun in Scorpio expanding from 0 to 10 degree
Fifth: Sun in Cancer expanding from 10 to 20 degree
Sixth : Sun in Pisces expanding from 20 to 30 degree

Effect Of Sun In Mars’s Dreskona

According to the astrology, any plant making relations with its friendly planets is considered to be an auspicious move. Sun in the Mar’s dreshkona gives friendly results to the native. This relations gives the results of both Mars and Sun to the native. With planets forming relation with each other, the individual negative impact of the both the planets are also reduced. Since both the planets are generous, they provide results accordingly.

Sun In Aries Sign 0-10 Degree

In this placement, the Sun forms relation with the Mars’s dreshkona. The native attains the benefits of both the planets, due to their friendly relation. The native becomes an aggressive person. He has a tendency to lose temper on small issues as well. This is because the native is influenced by the effects of two aggressive planets. Sun attains exalted position in this sign, which helps the native enjoy the pleasure of luxuries in life.

Such a person attains lots of fame and recognition for his creativity and artistic abilities. He is well learned and proficient in the use of weapons. The native can be a warrior. He utilizes his strength in the things he likes.

Sun In Sagittarius Sign 10-20 Degree

Sun attains Mars’s Dreshkona if it expands from 10 to 20 degree in the Sagittarius sign. With the influence of this placement, the native becomes financially strong. He also gets respect and honor in the society. He may even be involved in activities related to scial welfare. Such a person can even become an activist. He follows the path of honesty and righteous. He likes to live an independent life. He is always looking to make changes in his life. He is fond of traveling and exploring new things in his life.

Sun In Leo Sign 20-30 Degree

With the influence of this placement, the native gets radiance on his face. He attains respect from his father and state. He is courageous and victorious. Such a person attains victory from his enemies. He may be a bit aggressive in nature.

Such a person possesses good qualities. He is able to accomplish his works with dedication and perfection. He attains good position at workplace. He is a nature lover. He is fond of living close to nature. Such a person lives a carefree and positive life.

Sun In Scorpio Sign 0-10 Degree

In this placement, the native is thrives to get involved into tasks that can bring fame and recognition to him. He is glorious and a true warrior. He is always ready to make sarcastic comments on others. Such a person has a tendency to speak without thinking and thus, end up hurting the sentiments of people. He strives to make a different mark for himself. He possess cultural qualities.

Sun In Cancer Sign 10-20 Degree

With the influence of Sun in the Mars’s dreshkona, the native is able to attain respect and honor in the society. He makes a unique place for himself in the society. He is able to accomplish a lot of things in life through his own efforts. He attains respect in the society and admiration for his deeds. Such a person takes birth in a good family.

Sun In Pisces Sign 20-30 Degree

Sun enters the dreshkona of Mars in Pisces sign, expanding from 20-30 degree. This placement makes the native patient and calm. He is inclined towards spiritual and religious works. He participates in religious activities. He also attains respect for his achievements and contribution in the society.

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