Effects Of Planets Placed In Their Own House

As per the rules of Vedic astrology, planets placed in their own house give auspicious results. The native attains immense wealth and lives a luxury life. He is respected and loved by everyone around him. Such a person doesn’t have to struggle much in life. He is able to attain his goals in a smooth and straight manner. He gets immense support from his friends and family.

Sun placed in its own house

With Sun placed in its own house, the native can be stubborn and aggressive. Such a person can be adamant with his words. He is honest and competitive. Such a person attains wealth, pleasure of children and good family life. He attains a luxurious life. He desires to reach the highest authoritative position.

Moon placed in its own house

With Moon placed in its own sign, the native become a calm and patient individual. He is emotional and highly sensitive. Such a person soft-hearted. He is religious and spiritual. He lives in his paternal house. He attains a lot of affection and love from females, which helps him to earn happiness and prosperity for himself. He attains love and support from his mother. The native is fond of expensive clothes and beautiful things.

Mars placed in its own house

Mars in its own house, helps the native attain respect and honor in the society. Such a person gets the support of his brothers and pleasure of land and property.He is courageous and hard working. He lives a luxurious life. Such a person is able to attain victory over his enemies. He gets the pleasure of being the owner of properties. The native can be aggressive as well due to the influence of Mars.

Mercury placed in its own house

Mercury in its own house, makes the native hardworking and determined in nature. Such a person gives his hundred percent to all the ventures he undertakes. He attains wealth and prosperity. Such a person is blessed with many friends. He attains knowledge of weapons. He is able to achieve a good position at his workplace.

Jupiter placed in its own house

Jupiter placed in its own sign makes the native religious and spiritual. He attains all the good qualities of Jupiter. Such a person is patient, generous and moral. He attains the pleasure of good things and thus, might feel a bit proud. He is blessed with a supportive family and attains the pleasure of children. He is well-learned. He is blessed with the luxury of vehicle and home.

Venus placed in its own house

Venus in his own sign gives prosperity and fame. The native is attractive and beautiful. He attains the pleasure and love of female. He is blessed with good wealth and all kind of luxuries of life. Such a person receive and gives respect. He is soft-spoken.

Saturn placed in its own house

With Saturn in its own house, the native is curious and careful. He becomes well-wisher of people. He attains power and strength. Such a person may have to face problems from father and other relatives. He gets the strength to overcome his problems in life. He can be rude in his words.

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