Saturn According to the Vedic Scripture

The vedic scriptures have always inspired the native to follow the moral path and perform good karmas. The spiritual text of Bhagvadgeeta also boost the native to keep your karmas good.

You may find more about the malefic effects of Saturn in the vedic scriptures. Due to which people have developed a fear of Shani Sade Sati and Shani Mahadasha Mahadasha of Saturn. But reality is different just as the two sides of the same coin are not the same similarly Saturn makes the person familiar with all types of situations.

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There are different views of different vedic scriptures on Saturn and its effects. Let us here observe the views of the famous scriptures of Astrology.

The famous spiritual text “ Vrihtparashar Hora” of Vedic Astrology believes:

“कृ्शदीर्घतनु: सौरि: पिंगदृष्टय निलात्म :
स्थूल दन्तोअलसी पंगु: खररोगकंचो द्वि!ज”

In other words, Saturn is a planet which has a weak physique, giant body, pale eyes, sharp teeth, lazy and have thick dry hair.

Besides this, Saturn is also considered as the lord of the fertile land and the karak planet of thorny and lanquished trees. Saturn is the oldest planet among all the nine planets. It is the lord of winter season. Saturn is also considered as the karak of vengeful life.

According to another vedic scripture “Jatak Tatvam” Saturn is:

“क्रियास्वपटु: कातराक्ष: कृ्ष्ण: कृ्शदीर्घागो:
वृ्हददन्तो रुक्षातनूरुहो वात्मात्मा कठिनवाग्निन्धो मन्द:”!

In other words, Saturn represents failures in profession, have scary eyes, dark complexion, thin, tall, rough looks, dry hair nd use harsh words.

“Phaldipika” is also one of the famous texts of vedic astrology. According to Phaldipika Saturn is analysed to assess longevity, financial crisis, stability, servants, bull, laziness, loan, iron, agricultural tools, death, sadness, health problems, poverty, assistance of lower class, imprisonment and bondages.

In this way various other spiritual texts have similar views and opinions on Saturn and its effects. All the texts has one common opinion on Saturn and its results that it is strong, tough and a malefic planet. One more thing they say is when the person is blessed with Saturn in his chart then he become wealthy and rich but if he gets affected by the malefic influence of Saturn in his chart the person may not get enough to eat and have scarce resources.

In short, When Saturn gets impressed with someone it bless the person with happiness and prosperity. But if it is afflicted then the person may face a lot of problems to fulfill the necessities of his life. The effects and results of Saturn are not same for everyone. The planetary yogas, Mahadasha-Antardasha of other planets also influence the results of Saturn.
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