Remedies for Mercury and Jupiter

Vedic astrology provides remedies for reducing bad effects if you are born in the Gandmoola, Gandant or Abhuktamoola Yoga or if any planet gives inauspicious results during transit. You can perform these remedies to pacify the planets in the birth chart and get favorable results.

If there is no support your luck in your activities, these remedies will remove malefic influence of the planets. For example; you can perform remedies for Mercury to arouse interest in education.

Remedies for Malefic Mercury

Bathe Using Products Related to Mercury
Put raw rice in the bathing water and bathe with it. Fill water in a copper vessel and keep for a night, and drink it in the morning. By using this remedy, the qualities of copper will enter in your body and will remove diseases. During bathing, if you chant Mantra of Mercury, you will have better results.

Donate Products Related to Mercury
Green gram and copper are the products for Mercury. If you donate products related to Mercury on every Wednesday then you will achieve success in the intellectual and educational activities. You should buy products of donation according to your capabilities.

Mantra of Mercury
The Mantra of Mercury is "Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaye Namah". Chant this Mantra 108 times to pacify the planet. When Mercury is not giving good results during its transit then you should chant its Mantra everyday. If you want favorable results then chant the Mantra regularly during Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mercury.

Yantra of Mercury
If you place Yantra of Mercury in the study room of your child then he will be good at studies and if you place it at your workplace, there will be progression in your business.

The sum of numbers of Yantra of Mercury is 24. You can make this Yantra on a copper sheet, papyrus or paper. Make the yantra on the papyrus or paper by using quill of pomegranate, and ink of red sandal wood, musk and saffron. You should keep yourself clean and pure while making this yantra.

Remedies for Malefic Jupiter
Jupiter is the kaarak planet of money, knowledge and children. It is the most auspicious planet in the horoscope and if it is not able to give positive results during transit or Dasha then you should perform remedies to reduce its ill-effects. If Jupiter is the lord of malefic houses, you can perform remedies to bring peace during its Mahadasha.

Bathe Using the Products related to Jupiter
As per remedy for malefic Jupiter, you should bathe with Ganga water(water of a sacred river "Ganga") mixed with yellow mustard and honey. Chant Mantra of Jupiter during bathing to have better results. After this, bathe with pure water. The qualities of sacred water, yellow mustard and honey will enter in your body. If you perform this remedy then you will reap positive results from Jupiter during its transit or Dasha.

Donate Products Related to Jupiter
The products for Jupiter are salt, turmeric and lemon. Either you can donate any one of these products or all of the products on Thursday. You can donate the products in Godhuli Muhurtha. Buy the products of donation as per your capabilities and from your own earnings.

Mantra of Jupiter
The Mantra of Jupiter is “Om Gun Guruvaye Namah". You can chant it everyday 108 times or more than 108 times to get good results from Jupiter. Chanting of Mantra on Thursday will be more beneficial. You can also chant this Mantra in the Yajna of Jupiter.

Yantra of Jupiter
If you are facing financial problems then you should worship the Yantra of Jupiter. This Yoga is especially beneficial for achieving success in the field of education. The sum of all the numbers of every row of Jupiter's Yantra is 27.

You can establish this Yantra in the place of worship or the place where you keep your money to get favorable results. Write 10, 5, 12 in the first three partitons; 11, 9, 7 in the middle three partitions; and 6, 13 and 8 in the last three partitions. You can take help of a priest to establish this Yantra.
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