Remedies for Malefic Mars

When planets transit in an inauspicious position in birth chart or they are influenced by other malefic planets, it gives negative results. This can be removed by using suitable remedies related to these planets.

If a person or his child is born in inauspicious yogas like Gandamoola, Gandant, Abhuktmoola, there are remedies for his well-being and longevity. The incidents in our life are influenced by the position and transit of planets in the birth chart. For example; if a person is hardworking but he is not getting promotion then he can expect good results by performing the remedies of lord of eleventh house i.e., Sun.

Let's discuss the remedies of malefic Mars during its transit.

Bathe Using Products Related to Mars
If you use the products of Mars while bathing, its malefic effects may be reduced. This bath is also beneficial for the Manglik Yoga in your birth chart. belgiri in water and mix it in the bathing water as a remedy for Mars. If you use them in an auspicious Muhurtha, you will get excellent results. Chant Mangal Mantra while bathing.

Donate Products Related to Mars
You can donate the products of Mars if you can not use them while bathing. The products of Mars are those items that are red in color like, jaggery, red flower, and red lentils. If you are under the influence of malefic yoga of Mars then make donations yourself to get favorable results. If you seek the blessings of your elders before donation, you will get good results.

It is auspicious to donate the products on Tuesday. Do not worry about the expenses on the products. Make donations happily and within your budget. Do not be proud and reveal it in front of others otherwise its auspiciousness may get reduced and you may get opposite results.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa
Recite Chalisa to overcome the malefic influence of Mars. If you recite it on Tuesday, the malefic effects of Mars will get reduced and you will have positive feelings. Control your anger and do not get involved in disputes on this day. Handling the married life patiently gives positive results.

Mantra of Mars
If you chant the Mantras of Planets, their negative impact gets reduced. Chant "Om Bhao Bhomaya Namah" Mantra to reduce the negative impact of Mars. The inauspiciousness of Mars will also get reduced if you chant the name of lord Rama 108 times. The mantra should be clearly pronounced.

Yantra of Mars
The next remedy to remove the negative effects of Mars is to establish Yantra of Mars in an auspicious place in your house. Make this yantra on copper sheet or on letterhead. Use acrylic pen, red sandal, kesar or musk ink. It is auspicious to make this yantra on Tuesday. The yantra should be placed in an auspicious corner of your house or workplace.
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