Remedies for Malefic Influence of Moon

People should remove malefic influence of planets and maintain their peace. If you are born in the Gandmoola, Gandant or Abhuktmoola Yoga, then use suitable remedies for your goodness and prosperous life. You should use these remedies if you are facing problems related to health, money, good education or business. Even if you are not getting support of your fortune in your activities, you can go for these remedies.

You can be successful in your tasks if you apply these remedies with proper method and principles. A person should use such remedies with accuracy and sanctity otherwise he may get opposite results. Let's discuss some remedies which we can perform for auspiciousness of Moon.

Bathe using the Products related to Moon
You can use products relating to Moon in bathing to get good results from it. There are many products related to Moon. You can use curd for bathing but you should trust and agree before doing this. At the same time you can enchant Mantra of Moon to get beneficial results. After massage, you can take a bath with water. If you meditate the lord Moon while bathing then it will bless you with the positive results.

Donate Products related to Moon
Vedic astrology suggests this remedy to get auspicious results from Moon. You can donate milk, curd, rice, sugar and ghee because they are the products related to Moon. If you donate them on Monday then possibility of achieving good results is high.

You should wake up early and take a bath and donate after worshipping the god. You should donate as per your efficiency and should not discuss those expenses with anyone. Donation should be done in the auspicious Muhurtha if you want good results from Moon. Buy the products from your own earnings to get benefits. If you borrow money to buy these products for donation then Moon may not give you better results.

Chanting Mantra of Moon
Chanting the Mantra of Moon can remove negative impact of the planet. Enchantment of "Om Namah Shivay" increases auspiciousness of Moon and provides you mental peace. The person who gets disturbed on the minor issues should enchant this Mantra.If you chant this Mantra in the front of picture of lord Shiva then you will get good results. This is the Vedic Mantra of Moon. Do not think about other things while enchanting, and concentrate on that planet.

Making Yantra of Moon
You can make Yantra of Moon on the paprus or silver sheet. You can make it by the quill of pomegranate, saffron and musk on the paprus. You will get 18 as total if you add numbers written on this Yantra from any side. After making this Yantra, place it in the temple of house and worship it regularly. If Moon is related to profession then you can establish it at your work place.

In the box of Moon's Yantra, write 7, 2, 9 in the first three partitions then write 8, 6, 4 in the middle partition and 3, 10, 5 in the last three partitions.

Yajna for Moon
You should consult a priest and collect all the products related to Moon at the time of Yajna. You should chant the above mentioned Mantra and should oblate Yajna ingredients to reduce malefic influence of Moon.
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