Remedies for Malefic Sun

Vedic astrology provides different remedies to lessen negative impact of Nakshatras if you are born in any inauspicious Yoga formed at the time of birth such as Gandmoola, Gandant or Abhuktmoola. Similarly, you should use the remedies for the planets that create problems for you during their transit. These remedies can help pacify and increase auspiciousness of planets. Here, we will discuss some remedies for the bad influence of Sun.

Offerings to Sun
You should wake up early in the morning and offer water to Sun after taking a bath regularly to protect yourself from negative impact of Sun. You can donate its related products and can chant Mantra or can do Yajna for Sun's auspiciousness. You can also wash products for the planet with water. You can perform any one of these remedies to bring peace and to remove malefic influence of the planet during its transit.

Bathe Using the Products Related to Mars
If Sun is inauspicious during its transit then you should mix poppy, red flowers or saffron in the bathing water because they are the products for Sun. This remedy protects you from malefic influence of the planet as well as it develops strength in the body to fight against diseases. If you perform these remedies, it is also good for your father's health. By taking a bath from products related to Sun, the qualities of products enter your body.

Donate Products of Sun
You can protect yourself from negative impact of Sun by donating its products. Its products are copper, jaggery, wheat and lentil dal. You can donate these products on Sunday or on the Sun's Sakranti. You can also donate products of the planet on the Solar eclipse to get beneficial results.

You can donate all these products at the same time. The amount of donation can vary depending on your capability. Buy these products using your own earned money. In case you are not able to buy, you can take help of any other family member or relative for donation but you should be faithful towards the god Sun to reap the benefits.

Chanting the Mantra
You can chant Mantras of Sun to bring peace. You can chant "Om Ghrani: Surya Aditya:" Mantra regularly. You get better results if you chant it on Sunday. You can chant this Mantra 10, 20, 108 or more than 108 times as per your capability. You can recite this Mantra during Yajna too to get favorable results.

You should always keep clean while chanting. You should concentrate on your chanting and meditate the god Sun to reap good results. Never leave the chanting incomplete if you want to have good results.

Making Sun's Yantra
Take a papyrus and draw a box, and divide it into nine parts. After this, write numbers in partitions as described below:

Write 6, 1, 8 in the first three partitions; 7, 5, 3 in the next three partitions and 2, 9, 4 in the last three partitions. If we add numbers of each of the three partitions then the sum will be 15. You should write these numbers in the appropriate boxes.

Inscribe these boxes on a copper sheet or you can make it on your own by red sandalwood, saffron and musk on the papyrus. Use of pomegranate quill in the making of these boxes will be beneficial. You can use these materials to make Yantra of all the planets. The Yantra of Sun is:

Yajna for Sun
The above-mentioned Mantra can be used in the Yajna of Sun. You can take help of a priest to perform Yajna.

Sun is the Kaarak planet of your health and your father. We should perform suitable remedies for the malefic effects of the planet when it is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu. In addition, when Sun aspects the sixth lord or seventh lord and afflicted it during its transit then these remedies can reduce problems of the person and will bless him with the prosperous life.
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